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Trick Pony Concert Review
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This was my first time seeing Trick Pony perform, and I was really looking forward to it. They were opening for keith urban. I knew the show would be great, just from the times I had seen them perform on CMT's Most Wanted Live show and their On The Verge performance. The three have a wonderful chemistry, and are all really talented.

Trick Pony hit the stage singing their new single "On A Mission." Not a group that just stands there and sings, they were all over the stage during the song. Heidi had on sunglasses and a denim jacket which she later removed, and tan leather pants. She was also wearing a really pretty choker.

Next, they performed "Love is a Ball," then "Party Of One," which is from their self-titled debut, then "Just What I Need," and one from their new album, "A Boy Like You," which I really like.

I noticed that back near the drums they had a small table on the right that had a Hank Williams Jr. "Born To Boogie" doll. You can see what it looks like and order one from Hank Jr's website. I had never seen one in person, and thought it really looked like him.

Next, Trick Pony sang a tribute to Waylon Jennings with one of his hits, "Lonesome, Onry and Mean." During this song Keith went out into the audience and went in the row of seats and stood on one of the chairs and played. Then, he beckoned Ira to come out too, and Ira came and went up the aisle next to me. When Ira went back on the stage he went back and turned on the Hank Jr. doll, and it started dancing along.

The band was introduced and each member got a hug. Then, Keith and Heidi left the stage and Ira got a stool and said "Here's the part of the show where I do something stupid." He then went on to introduce the song he wrote for their new album. He said that he had his share of times where he partied too hard and he dedicated the song to his mom, who doesn't have to get calls at 3 in the morning anymore. The song was "The Devil in Me." He said they might release it as a single. During the middle of the song Heidi returned and sang harmony with Ira, then Keith also came out. They were all on stools.

Heidi said that Keith came to the group with the idea for the next song and they all worked on it together. Then they sang "Love Be Still." This is a gorgeous ballad, and if you don't have their On a Mission album, if only for this song, you need to get it. It's fantastic!

Heidi said that this was their last night in Vegas, so they just had to do a tribute to Elvis. Then they sang "Suspicious Minds." They didn't do the whole song, but everyone was on their feet singing along, and when they stopped, Keith said, "Gee, if we would have known you would have reacted like that, we would have sung the whole thing."

Next came "Just What I Do," and then Keith played the familiar opening to "Pour Me," and everyone was again on their feet. This was the only song where Ira played his standup bass with the headlights, but I was unable to get a picture since everyone was standing up.

After the song they went to the front of the stage and shook people's hands, and when they came over to my side of the stage, Heidi jumped on Keith's back and got a horsey ride. Then, Ira came behind her and started goosing her.

Trick Pony played for about an hour, and the show was great. I highly recommend it. They're very entertaining and I hope to see them again someday.

Set List:

  • "On a Mission"
  • "Love is a Ball"
  • "Party Of One"
  • "Just What I Need"
  • "A Boy Like You"
  • "Lonesome, Onry and Mean"
  • "The Devil and Me"
  • "Love Be Still"
  • "Suspicious Minds"
  • "Just What I Do"
  • "Pour Me"

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