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Vince Gill Guitar Tabs, Chords & Lyrics

Below are listed links to Guitar Tablature, Chords, and Lyrics for Vince Gill Music. I've listed them by album. Each album is also linked to a page where you can compare prices at various Internet retailers, should you want to purchase that album. *Note* While Vince has recorded other albums, other than those mentioned below, I only have listed albums that have lyrics, chords or tab files on.

Songs that made the Top 500 Country Songs list are marked with

(File updated December 11, 2006)

Turn Me Loose

Half a Chance (Crd)
Till The Best Comes Along (Crd)
Turn Me Loose (Crd)

The Best of Vince Gill

Cinderella (Crd)
Oh Carolina (Crd)
The Radio (Crd)
Victim of Life's Circumstance (Crd)

When I Call Your Name

Never Alone (Crd)
Never Knew Lonely (Crd)
When I Call Your Name (Crd)

Pocket Full of Gold

Liza Jane (Crd)
Look At Us (Crd)
Pocket Full of Gold (Crd)
Take Your Memory With You (Crd)

I Still Believe In You

Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away (Crd)
I Still Believe In You (Tab)
No Future in the Past (Crd)
One More Last Chance (Crd)
Say Hello (Crd)
Tryin' To Get Over You (Crd)

When Love Finds You

Go Rest High On That Mountain (Crd)
Whenever You Come Around (Crd)
You Better Think Twice (Crd)


Liza Jane (Crd)
Look At Us (Crd)
No Future in the Past (Crd)
The Heart Won't Lie (Crd)

High Lonesome Sound

High Lonesome Sound (Crd)
Jenny Dreamed of Trains (Crd)
One Dance With You (Crd)
Pretty Little Adriana (Crd)
World's Apart (Crd)
You and You Alone (Crd)

The Key

Don't Come Cryin' To Me (Crd)
I Never Really Knew You (Crd)
I Never Really Knew You (Tab)
If You Ever Have Forever In Mind (Crd)
If You Ever Have Forever In Mind (Tab)
I'll Take Texas (Crd)
Kindly Keep In Country (Crd)
Let Her In (Tab)
My Kind of Woman, My Kind of Man (Crd)
Hills of Caroline (Crd)
The Key To Life (Crd)
There's Not Much Love Here Anymore (Crd)

Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye

Feels Like Love (Crd)
Hey God (Let's Make Sure) (Crd)

Next Big Thing (Crd)
Someday (Crd)
These Broken Hearts (Crd)
This Old Guitar and Me (Crd)
Whipporwill River (Crd)
Young Man's Town (Crd)

The Reason Why (Lyr)

Not on Vince Gill Albums

Amy (Crd)
Beautiful (Crd)
Lifetime of Nighttime (Crd)

Vince Gill Reviews

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