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CD Review: Caught in the Webb - A Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce - Various Artists

line Various Artists - Caught in the Webb - A Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce
Reviewed by Jolene Downs

Gail Davies, who is an established recording artist in her own right, has produced an excellent tribute album for Curb Records. "Caught in the Webb - A Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce," is an excellent album for the old time Country music lover. Gail has done a terrific job getting some major names in the industry together to record this tribute. Webb Pierce had one of the purest voices in Country Music. He sang from his heart and it showed in his many, many great songs he recorded over the years. I hadn't realized how many of his songs were "covered" by other artists who charted them as well. Gail Davies chose to cover one of his songs as her first single, "No Love Have I," and it charted for her.

Caught in the Webb - A Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce
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The album will definitely take the listener back to the days when all an artist needed was their voice and some acoustic instruments. There is no other sound that can match it. It is a refreshing change from the electric sounds of today, which oftentimes drowns out the artist vocals. Long-time country band The Jordanaires lend their vocal talents on several of the songs.

There are 21 songs on this album. I'll touch on some of my favorites. "In The Jailhouse Now" is one of my all time favorites. It is a fast paced song and talks of what good old boys do to have some fun. This is back when the local sheriff threw you in jail for the night just to cool you off. No paperwork involved. Dale Watson & The Jordanaires performs this song.

"I'm Tired" is a tongue in cheek love song. He is waiting for his love, but is making no bones about the fact that he is tired of living that way. It may be time to get on with life if she won't return his feelings. Charlie Pride performs it.

"I Ain't Never" is another of my favorites in the country field. I have always liked the tempo of this song. The love interest in this song just won't conform to anything, but as Rosie Flores & The Jordanaires sing over and over; "I'll love you just the same." They spend much time saying "I ain't never" as well over the antics of the person in question.

Emmylou Harris does a great job on "Wondering." It is a beautiful love ballad. The love has ended and now time is spent wondering what the other is up to.

"Tupelo County Jail" is a fun little song. It says to send him a letter in care of Tupelo County Jail. He spends the whole song looking forward to what she is going to write in the letter he will receive. Receiving mail is the highlight of his time there. Robbie Fulks and Joy Lynn White sing it.

"Back Street Affair" has him falling in love with a married lady. The song talks about their love and how the world sees it as dirty instead of beautiful. Friends and family scorn her. They say they have each other now and that is what matters. However, the judgment of gossip is never fair. Alison Moorer sings it.

"More and More" is a song about getting on with life. More and more, the lost love is being forgotten. It is a sad love song, but it shows that life does go on. Crystal Gayle sings this song.

"Love Love Love" is a song about a one-sided love affair. Gail Davies lends her distinctive vocals to this song. She wants the whole world to know that she just loves, loves, loves him so. She is absolutely sure he will return the feeling one day.

BR549 sings, "There Stands The Glass." This is a traditional drinking song. In that glass is what is going to make all his concerns and worries of a lost love just disappear.

Pam Tillis and The Jordanaires sing the last track on the album. It is a fun song called "No Love Have I." She talks about all the creatures of the world and their many loves. "The Honey Bee loves the Honey. The Chickadee loves the sky, but no love have I." She is lonely and wants someone to share the moonlight and the other pleasures of life with.

This album is just a lot of fun to listen to. It reminds me of what I listened to while growing up and how much Country music truly has changed. The proceeds from this album will benefit the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation and the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. Gail Davies did a terrific job producing this great album. Webb would be proud.

Song List:

  1. In The Jailhouse Now (Dale Watson & The Jordanaires)
  2. Slowly (Mandy Barnett)
  3. I'm Tired (Charley Pride)
  4. I Ain't Never (Rosie Flores & The Jordanaires)
  5. Yes I Know Why (George Jones)
  6. If You Were Me (Dwight Yoakam)
  7. Wondering (Emmylou Harris)
  8. Tupelo County Jail (Robbie Fulks & Joy Lynn White
  9. Back Street Affair (Allison Moorer)
  10. Even Tho' (Matt King)
  11. More and More (Crystal Gayle)
  12. I'm Walking the Dog (The Del McCoury Band)
  13. That Heart Belongs to Me (Lionel Cartwright)
  14. Honky Tonk Song (Guy Clark & The Jordanaires)
  15. Love Love Love (Gail Davies)
  16. That's Me Without You (Willie Nelson)
  17. There Stands the Glass (BR549)
  18. Why Baby Why (Kevin Welch & Deborah Pierce)
  19. It's Been So Long (Trent Summar)
  20. I Don't Care (Billy Walker & The Carol Lee Singers
  21. No Love Have I (Pam Tillis & The Jordanaires)

All graphics © Shelly Fabian, with the exception of the album cover, used with permission of Audium Entertainment.

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