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Product Summary
Three Chords and the Truth - Sara Evans

Sara Evans
Three Chords and the Truth
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Brilliant country voice on a fantastic real country album.
•  Ten fantastic songs by great songwriters.
•  The light hand of producer Pete Anderson.
Cons  •  It's the only one of its kind.
The Bottom Line - Sara Evans proved she could sing a real country song and do it really well.

Product Description
•  Real country disc with solid performances from the cream of the country crop.
•  Sara's phenomenal voice taking on songs she was meant to sing
•  An album unfortunately overlooked by the media
Guide Review
Sara Evans - Three Chords and the Truth
Sara Evans has a voice so purely seeped in country stylings, so classically traditional, that this album demonstrated her amazing skills more amply than any she has done since. From the beautiful self-penned tracks such as "True Lies" and the amazing title track, "Three Chords and the Truth," to the covers of the Harlan Howard/Buck Owens class, "Tiger by the Tail" and Bill Anderson's "Walk Out Backwards," Sara proves she has a voice which could stand side-by-side with Patsy Cline and a delivery strong enough to partner her with Loretta Lynn.

Sara belts out these songs with unbelievable power, her conviction apparently obvious in every vocal phrasing, in every sentimental weeping tone. She is country, sweet and sincere; she is country, strong and sorrowful. The power of her voice and delivery is backed by some of the greatest names in real country music, with backup musicians such as the amazing Pete Anderson (who also produced with a light and skilled hand) on lead guitar, Jim Christie on drums, Skip Edwards on keyboards and accordion, Taras Prodaniuk on bass, Scott Joss on fiddle and mandolin (all names also associated with Dwight Yoakam), Doug Pettibone on rhythm guitar, Kevin Dukes on acoustic guitar, Bucky Baxter on pedal steel, dobro, and mandolin, Tom Brumley on lap and pedal steel; plus Beth Anderson, Tommy Funderburk, Jim Lauderdale, and Joy Lynn White on backup vocals. In addition to Harlan Howard, she also performs songs by Leslie Satcher and writes with Melba Montgomery.

This is an absolutely spectacular country album. No matter what you may think about the pop sounds that Evans eventually adopted, this album is worth getting and listening to over and over again, if you can bear the sorrow that this was the only one of its kind, and Sara chose to move into pop with her next offering. From the opening "True Lies" to the amazing, heart-searing closer, "The Week The River Raged," every moment of this album is pure excellence.

Review by: Kathy Coleman

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