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Product Summary
Alright Guy - Gary Allan

Gary Allan
Alright Guy
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Great "California Cool" style.
•  Songs that will keep a person's interest.
Cons  •  None.
The Bottom Line - Gary Allan continues to impress with his unique sound and super-suave voice, which is enough to drive anybody to buying this wonderful album.

Product Description
•  Gary Allan's fourth album.
•  Contains the singles, "Man of Me" and "The One."
•  A voice unlike any other.
Guide Review
Gary Allan - Alright Guy
Gary Allan's previous releases have all had their own share of success ("Her Man, "It Would Be You," "Right Where I Need to Be," and more), with "Smoke Rings in the Dark, being the most important one that got him major recognition, yet Alright Guy is already proving itself with the macho-yet-tender guy feel.

"Man of Me" and "The One" are the two songs that were singled out to be released to radio, and with them you get two completely different styles to compare. Both are about a deep love for another person, yet one has an upbeat tempo and the other has a deep soulful emotion. Those styles can define the whole album in addition to having a little humor sprinkled in with the politically incorrect tune called "Alright Guy." As with all albums, the subject matter runs all over the emotional spectrum, with most being about love and set in various seriousness and humor.

This being Gary Allan's fifth album, you can see the evolution that has happened throughout the years. His albums are always quality but it seems that lately he really has become the musician he had always wanted to be - he has found his own style and that style will lead him to continued success throughout the years.

Reviewed by Jennifer Webb.

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