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Product Summary
Great Country Songs - Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley
Great Country Songs
Guide Rating -
Pros "Kentucky Rain"
"(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I"
"Always On My Mind"
Cons • None.
The Bottom Line - The King of Rock-N-Roll displays his country roots.

Product Description
Fine collection of Elvis' better-known country releases, old and new.
24 tracks, including several previously unreleased.
One of the nicer BMG collections issued in the mid-90's.

Guide Review
Elvis Presley - Great Country Songs
Elvis may have been the "King of Rock 'N' Roll," but his roots were in country music, and Elvis himself never forgot that. From his rockabilly beginnings to his final days, Elvis was never far from country music, and country was never far from Elvis. Many of his later singles, such as "My Way" and "Hurt" appeared on the country charts; "Suspicious Minds" crossed over both ways, country to pop and back again. And throughout Elvis' career, he recorded the country music he loved.

This collection brings together songs spanning Elvis' career, from his smokin' cover of Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon of Kentucky" to his beautiful rendition of the classic "Always On My Mind," which was a big hit for Willie Nelson. Here on this disc you'll find Elvis singing Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" and Eddie Rabbit's "Kentucky Rain." Elvis puts his distinctive stamp on standards like "Green Green Grass of Home" and Hank Cochran's "Make the World Go Away." He takes on almost all of the Highwaymen, as he shines on Waylon Jennings' "You Asked Me To," Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away" and the Kris Kristofferson classic, "Help Me Make It Through The Night." He even takes on the Statler Brothers' "Susan When She Tried."

Elvis could always sing a country song. He delivers country with his magnificent voice which never lost its Tupelo/Memphis twang; Elvis never forgot his roots. Even when he started out he was considered the hot up-and-coming country and western star, as evidenced by the reproduction of a news release from RCA dated 1955 re-printed in the liner notes for this disc: "In Elvis Presley we've acquired the most dynamic and sought-after new artist in country music today, one who's topped the 'most promising' category in every trade and consumer poll held during 1955." It was probably easier to dub his music "rock 'n' roll" than it was for the young people of the late 50's to admit they actually liked country music.

Review by Kathy Coleman.

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