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Product Summary
The Road Less Traveled - George Strait

George Strait
The Road Less Traveled
Guide Rating -
Pros "Stars On The Water"
"The Road Less Traveled"
"My Life's Been Grand"
Cons • Not a western swing song to be found.
The Bottom Line - George Strait returns with his best CD since Pure Country.

Product Description
George Strait tries something different.
There should be four Top 10 singles off of this CD.
The 28th CD of George's illustrious career.

Guide Review
George Strait - Road Less Traveled
When I first heard the first single "Run," I was shocked to hear drum loops and computerized programming on a George Strait CD. I really liked this song and eagerly awaited the CD. Upon listening to the CD, I'm very impressed. "Run" isn't the only song to feature some computer gimmicks. "Stars On The Water" is a refreshingly different sounding song that features a voice distortion subtly over the chorus parts of the song. The other track to feature computer augmentation is "The Road Less Traveled."

The other major difference between this CD and the last five or so George Strait CD's: a lack of ballad overkill. Recently it was as if George was trying to "cater" to country music radio. With the studio gimmickry out of the way, George, and Producer Tony Brown, get down to business with the great Merle Haggard song "My Life's Been Grand. Other standout tracks include the bar room fun of "Good Time Charley's," "The Real Thing" and "She'll Leave You With A Smile."

With a fresher sound and some great remakes at the end, this is one George Strait CD that should be in every country music fan's collection.

Review by Matt Bjorke.

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