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Product Summary
How I Feel - Terri Clark

Terri Clark
How I Feel
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  "Now That I've Found You"
•  "That's How I Feel"
•  "Easy On The Eyes"
Cons  •  None.
The Bottom Line - The album contains an eclectic mix of styles, from rockin' songs, to ballads.

Product Description
•  Gold record, selling 500,000 units.
•  CCMA Album of the Year for 1999.
•  Alison Krauss helps on background vocals for "Cure for the Common Heartache."
Guide Review
Terri Clark - How I Feel
The album contains an eclectic mix of styles, from rockin' songs, to ballads, and even one that is very reminiscent of Patty Loveless' style on which she's backed up by Alison Krauss, and there's even a bluesy number that's great as well. In the liner notes Terri notes: "I know this album is a slight departure from my first two albums, I just followed my heart and I hope you like what you hear." Boy, do I!

Some of the songs include, "Now That I've Found You," I love this song, and so do the fans, as this single was a #1 hit (on R&R) for Terri. She's proved she can sing 'em fast, and she can do a mean ballad as well. In "Everytime I Cry" she talks about a relationship that just isn't going to make it, but she keeps taking him back, thinking things will change, but they never do. In "Gettin' Even With The Blues," she shows her versatility with this sultry blues tune. You can just feel every word she sings here. Then there's the "told you so song," "That's Me Not Loving You," she sings, "You never would forget the love you could have kept."

There's a little bit for everyone here, from fast to slow to blues. A real must-have CD for any country fan's collection.

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