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Product Summary
I Need You - LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes
I Need You
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  "Can't Fight The Moonlight"
•  "I Need You"
•  "But I Do Love You"
Cons  •  None.
The Bottom Line - This album doesn't try to pretend to be a country album. It's a pop album, and LeAnn does a good job with it.

Product Description
•  Several songs are also on the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.
•  Gold record, selling over 500,000 units.
•  Duet with Elton John - "Written in the Stars."
Guide Review
LeAnn Rimes - I Need You
LeAnn Rimes' I Need You is not a country album... but then it never claimed to be. Now how refreshing is that? Finally we have an artist who is straightforward about the fact that she wants to sing pop music. None of that whole "pop music in the disguise of a bad country album" scenario. At least she's honest.

This album is re-released with some additional mixes of some of the songs. There are re-mixes of "Can't Fight the Moonlight," "But I Do Love You," "Soon," and "I Need You." Besides these remixes there is the duet with Elton John, titled "Written In The Stars." I admit I'm a bit surprised how well the two sound together. Plus there is "Light The Fire Within," the song LeAnn performed in the Opening Ceremony of the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Nice song, the lyrics are inspirational, but I don't think it would make a very radio friendly song.

LeAnn Rimes has a lot of talent. She proved that from the very beginning. What she needs to do is develop a style all her own. Maybe when she figures out who LeAnn is, what LeAnn sings, and down what avenue LeAnn wants to take her career, maybe then she'll live up to her full potential.

Reviewed by Trisha Huenke.

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