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Product Summary
It's About Time - Julie Reeves

Julie Reeves
It's About Time
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Excellent song selection.
•  Easy-to-listen-to voice and music.
Cons  •  None.
The Bottom Line - If you want an album that is full of fun country songs and beautiful ballads, then this album is for you.

Product Description
•  Julie's debut album.
•  Contains the singles, "Trouble Is A Woman" and "It's About Time."
•  Great country music with more modern undertones.
Guide Review
Julie Reeves - It's About Time
Julie Reeves is another artist that seemingly disappeared shortly after she debuted. Then twenty-four years old, she was popular at the time and released a wonderful album, It's About Time.

"Trouble Is a Woman" was a fun release about how people need to watch out for a woman that is scorned. It made it into the top forty on the Billboard charts. The beautiful song, "What I Need," let everyone hear her soft, sweet, and tender way of singing slower songs. Viewers of CMT might remember the funky upbeat song, "It's About Time," which featured her singing from behind a store window. It went to number fifty-six.

Julie Reeves is deserving of a comeback because this album is one that would appeal to anybody who likes a true country sound that is modified a little bit to fit in with more modern sounds on the radio. If only her record label would not have folded, maybe we would still be hearing from her today.

Reviewed by Jennifer Webb.

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