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Product Summary
Lonely Grill - Lonestar

Lonely Grill
Guide Rating -
Pros Amazed."
Tell Her."
What About Now."
Cons • There aren't any.
The Bottom Line - This is the CD that established Lonestar as stars.

Product Description
Has four number one singles.
Acoustic Version of their past hit "Everything's Changed."
Lonestar's best selling CD.

Guide Review
Lonestar - Lonely Grill
Released in 1999, Lonely Grill is the first Lonestar CD that features the four current members. Their previous two CD's, Lonestar and Crazy Nights, featured John Rich as well. The first single off this CD was "Saturday Night." Since that song didn't do too well, Lonestar released the smash country (and pop) hit, "Amazed."

The third single, off of Lonely Grill, was another ballad, "Smile." Like "Amazed," it was a multi-week number one hit on the Billboard country charts. "What About Now" continued the multi-week success of its predecessors. "Tell Her" was the final single from Lonely Grill, it too was a big hit.

Some other fun standout tracks from Lonely Grill are "Don't Let's Talk About Lisa," "Saturday Night," and the great acoustic version of their number one smash, "Everything's Changed." If you want a fun-filled and hit-packed CD, this is one of the best.

Reviewed by Matt Bjorke

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