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Product Summary
Not a Moment Too Soon - Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw
Not a Moment Too Soon
Guide Rating -
Pros "Don't Take The Girl"
"Down On The Farm"
"Not a Moment Too Soon"
Cons • None.
The Bottom Line - While not his debut CD, Not A Moment Too Soon is the album that introduced Tim McGraw to the country music masses.

Product Description
Tim McGraw's best selling album with sales in excess of 5 million.
Contains five hit singles.
Produced by James Stroud and Byron Gallimore.

Guide Review
Tim McGraw - Not a Moment Too Soon
Tim McGraw first appeared on the country music scene in 1993 with his self-titled debut release. With only some marginal hit singles, ie.. none that made the Top 40, Tim went back into the studio with his producers knowing that he needed to make a great album or at least one great song in order to stay in the business.

When "Indian Outlaw" was released, it instantly became a smash hit song. There was some controversy about the lyrics which only further made Tim a recognizable artist. His second single off of the album was the classic ballad "Don't Take The Girl." Featuring a memorable set of lyrics that talk about a guy's struggles throughout his life, the song became a multi-week number one hit. The following singles, "Down On The Farm," "Refried Dreams," and "Not A Moment Too Soon" were also smash hit singles.

With it's five hit singles, Not A Moment Too Soon propelled Tim McGraw to the top-billing entertainer that he is now. If you are new to country and don't own this CD, you should go and get it. It's one of the 1990's best and complete albums.

Reviewed by Matt Bjorke.

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