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Product Summary
Ralph Stanley - Ralph Stanley

Ralph Stanley
Ralph Stanley
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Pros  •  "Girl From Greenbriar Shores"
•  "Little Mathie Grove"
•  "Calling You"
Cons  •  None.
The Bottom Line - A musical treasure from a true living legend.

Product Description
•  A trip back in musical time.
•  Comprised almost entirely of songs rich in history and folklore.
•  Ralph Stanley's first entirely solo album release.
Guide Review
Ralph Stanley - Ralph Stanley
Ralph Stanley has been performing professionally since 1946. His name is synonymous with Bluegrass music. He has released over 200 albums as part of a musical team, but this is his very first solo album release. He chose T Bone Burnett to produce this album. T Bone is the musical genius behind the O Brother Where Art Thou movie soundtrack.

With the exception of the Hank Williams Sr. hymn, "Calling You," all of the songs on the album were rich in history and folklore before anyone ever dreamed of recording them. One of the songs, "Little Mathie Grove," can even be traced as far back as Shakespearean times. All of the songs on the album are a testament to the strong Christian beliefs of Ralph Stanley and he sings them from his very soul. One of the more beautiful songs is a poetic prayer for a loved one called, "I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers." This song is performed with no instruments breaking into the haunting prayer.

This album is a true musical treasure from a living legend. Ralph has a voice that is pure and haunting and does great justice to the type of songs he chose for this album. It is easy to see why he was awarded two Grammy's at age 75 for his contribution to the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. He won for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and also was included in the Country Album of the Year for O Brother.

Reviewed by Jolene Downs.

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