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Product Summary
Greatest Hits: Volume III - I'm a Survivor - Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire
Greatest Hits: Volume III - I'm a Survivor
Guide Rating -
Pros • Twelve of Reba's greatest songs.
• Three new songs.
Cons • Wish there were even more!
The Bottom Line - This collection has Reba's best, plus three new tunes that hold their own along with the recognizable hits.

Product Description
Wonderful cover of the old Kenny Rogers tune, "Sweet Music Man."
Old songs, new songs and lyrics included.
It's Reba's third collection of hits, what more could you ask for?

Guide Review
During a career that has lasted twenty plus years and is still going strong, you tend to collect a lot of hits. Thus, here is Reba's Greatest Hits III collection, and it's got three new songs along with all the hits you know and love.

Reba's current single, as I write this is "I'm a Survivor," and it's wonderful. A perfect song for this troubled time in the world. Reba fits this song so perfectly. She *is* a survivor, and she's always done songs about strong women so well, and this is no exception. "A single mom who works two jobs, who loves her kids and never stops... with gentle hands and the heart of a fighter... I'm a survivor."

"Myself Without You" is similar to her other hit "For My Broken Heart." The song deals with a relationship that ended, and she finds that even though it's over, she has the strength to go on, and she's stronger than anyone thought she'd be. And in "Sweet Music Man" Reba gives this song a flavor of her own, and it's just as great as Kenny's version.

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