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Product Summary
Billy Ray Cyrus - Southern Rain

Billy Ray Cyrus
Southern Rain
Guide Rating -
Pros "Southern Rain"
"You Won't Be Lonely Now"
Cons • None.
The Bottom Line - For those that only know Billy Ray from "Achy Breaky Heart," you'll find he is more than a one-hit wonder.

Product Description
Debut album for Monument Records.
Billy Ray co-wrote two of the songs on the album.
Contains bonus track: "Hey Elvis."

Guide Review
Billy Ray Cyrus - Southern Rain
Southern Rain is Billy Ray Cyrus' debut album for the Monument label. Not only did Billy Ray change labels, but he went with a whole new producing team, using Blake Chancey, (Dixie Chicks, Billy Gilman), and Dann Huff, (Faith Hill, SHeDAISY, Lonestar), as well as co-producing himself.

This CD has a country-rock feel to it on several of the songs, such as "We The People," "Crazy 'Bout You Baby," and "Hey Elvis." The song, "All I'm Thinking About Is You" is done in recitation-style, which is very different, and has more of a rap feel to it. But that's not to say that the album is without the soft, sweet ballads that Billy Ray does so well. Far from it. The ballads on this album include "You Won't Be Lonely Now," "I Will," "Love You Back," "Everywhere I Wanna Be," and "Without You."

Billy Ray fans will love this album, and those who may know Billy Ray only from "Achy Breaky Heart" should give him a chance to show that he's more than just a one-hit wonder. He's got a lot more to give, and he gives it here on Southern Rain.

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