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Product Summary
Down The Road I Go - Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt
Down The Road I Go
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  "Best Of Intentions."
•  "It's a Great Day To Be Alive."
•  "Love Of a Woman."
Cons  •  I wish there were more than just 11 tracks.
The Bottom Line - If you're looking for attitude-infused country with a dollop of sweet ballads, this is the album for you.

Product Description
•  Three Top 5 singles, including "Best of Intentions," which went to No. 1.
•  Album went platinum.
•  Country-rock tunes and touching ballads.
Guide Review
Travis Tritt - Down The Road I Go
This is Travis's ninth album, and one of the best in a long time. His first three singles have all reached the Top 5, with "Best of Intentions" reaching the top, "It's a Great Day To Be Alive" going to No. 2, and "Love of a Woman" also went to No. 2. The fourth single, "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" peaked at No. 8.

The album contains a mixture of the good ole honky tonk style we're used to, plus some ballads to touch your heart. How could you not shed a tear as Travis sings about wanting to do things right, but never quite making it, in "Best of Intentions." Added to that is the tribute song to Waylon and Jessie, "Never Get Away From Me," that lets you feel like you're peeking into a scrapbook of their life.

There are other songs that are sure singles off this release, such as the title track, and "If The Fall Don't Kill You." This is definitely one to add to your country collection.

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