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Product Summary
Unleashed - Confederate Railroad

Confederate Railroad
Guide Rating -
Pros "Still One Outlaw Left"
"She Treats Her Body Like A Temple"
"Between The Rainbows and the Rain"
Cons • None.
The Bottom Line - This is great new music from the ACM's Best New Group for 1993.

Product Description
Both George Jones and David Allan Coe lend their vocal skills.
Great mix of fast and slow, serious and fun.
Unique material from a unique group.

Guide Review
Confederate Railroad - Unleashed
One-time bar band, Confederate Railroad released their new album Unleashed from the Audium label. They were awarded Best New Group at the 1993 ACM awards and are still producing some awesome music. Such hits as "Trashy Women" and "Jesus and Mama" have made Confederate Railroad a fan favorite over the years.

The original outlaw himself, David Allan Coe, made a guest appearance on this album. He helped the group with a catchy tune called "Still One Outlaw Left." In case David wasn't enough of a guest artist for you, they brought in another living legend. George Jones can be heard singing along with the group on "She Treats Her Body Like A Temple." That is a fun song that leads you to believe opposites really do attract.

Confederate Railroad has a long-time philosophy of doing material that they like, regardless of whether radio will give it airplay or not. It is great to hear this kind of material in today's cookie cutter society. They have delivered a great album with a really good musical selection. There is a nice mix of fast and slow, fun and serious. I think most country music fans would enjoy this album.

Review by Jolene Downs.

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