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Product Summary
Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta and Debra Winger

John Travolta and Debra Winger in
Urban Cowboy
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  John Travolta in cowboy duds
•  A fun story of life in a Texas honkytonk
•  Some of the best music of the 1980s
Cons  •  None.
The Bottom Line - This movie put "Gilleys" on the map and started the bull-riding craze. A lot of fun to watch over and over.

Product Description
•  Fun love story that takes place in a Texas honkytonk
•  Some of the best music of the 1980s, country and pop.
•  Many country artists have cameos; Mickey Gilley, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Lee, and Bonnie Raitt.
Guide Review
John Travolta and Debra Winger in Urban Cowboy
John Travolta plays "Bud," who leaves his small town to move to Houston and work in a factory where his Uncle has a job. He ends up spending his free time at a honky tonk called "Gilleys," where he meets Debra Winger (Sissy).

Bud and Sissy end up getting marrying, but Bud's reluctance to let Sissy do things that only "guys" do, like ride the bull at "Gilleys" make her rebel and learn to ride the bull behind his back. Teaching her is bull-riding ex-convict Wes Hightower (Scott Glenn). When Bud finds out, they split up and Sissy hooks up with Wes, and Bud finds someone new, a rich girl with an affinity for cowboys named Pam (Madolyn Smith).

Both men enter a contest at Gilleys in the bull-riding competition, and in the end, Bud wins the contest and becomes the best cowboy, but nearly loses Sissy. Alls well that ends well, though, and this one does have a happy ending.

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