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Vince Gill Concert Review
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It has been nearly two years since I've seen Vince Gill in concert. The last time was at Konocti Harbor Resort. I was looking forward to this show at the Boulder Station as it was more intimate, plus Vince was showcasing the new songs from his Next Big Thing album. This was the first show of the tour.

I had seen several artists at the venue, so when the DJ got on stage to introduce Vince said that there are no cameras, I thought he must be mistaken. I had taken pictures all the times before. I had a front row seat and got three pictures taken before the guard told me no pictures. So, unfortunately, that is all there is to see from the show. :(

Vince was looking excellent in black leather jacket, black jeans and a black t-shirt. The shirt, which I found out when he took his jacket off later in the show, sported the name "Amy Grant."

Vince started his set with "Oklahoma Borderline," then welcomed everyone to the show, saying he was going to play some old stuff, plus a lot of the new record, and hoped we'd like it. With that he went back to his old stuff and sang "Pretty Little Adrianna."

The thing I really thought was special in this intimate setting was that Vince shared his stories about the songs, as well as sang. In fact, he probably talked more than any other artist I've seen, and I loved it.

We picked up the tempo with "One More Last Chance," and then Vince said he met a couple in the casino that have been married for like 1,000,000 years, and they asked him if he would play a song for them, so that was next; "Look At Us."

Vince said that when he first started out, he was playing in clubs and trying to get a hit record. He said that when he finally did get one, he then was able to get someone else to drive. He then sang that first big hit; "When I Call Your Name."

The first song from the new album was next; "Old Time Fiddle." Vince said he was lucky enough to get to write it with Leslie Satcher. He told the story of mentioning to Leslie about when he grew up, he used to go to hear a local gentleman, Herman Stover play the fiddle. Leslie told him they should use that and write a song, so they did.

Next, Vince told the story of how he get inspiration from a movie we may have heard of called Oceans Eleven. If you haven't seen it, it's set in Las Vegas, which is why he jokingly said maybe we'd heard of it. Then, he said that he hangs out in "NashVegas" with some other guys, and they call themselves the "Fat Pack," and they could outeat Frank and Deano anyday. Back to the movie, though, there is one part in the movie where George Clooney's character is trying to get Julia Roberts' character back, and he asks her if her new guy makes her feel the way he used to. She says, "Well, no, but he never makes me cry." Vince said, "Thank you Julia!" He said that he'll take her out for an "In and Out" Burger someday. He then sang "She Never Makes Me Cry."

Someone called out for Vince to sing "Your Love Amazes Me" next. Vince, who doesn't sing that song (John Berry does), said put something in the tip jar. Then, he sang another new one, "Don't Let Her Get Away." Because it's so new, he had a problem remembering the words and had to be coached by his lead guitar player on them.

The next song is one Vince said he wrote with Richard Marx, and that it would most likely be the next single. It's my absolute favorite on the album, "Someday."

Vince then said that his daughter Corrina is such a happy baby. She knows how to turn on the DVD player and watch movies at 2 years old, and he has learned all the Winnie the Pooh and Barney songs. He said Corrina's favorite song from the new album is "We Had It All," which he played next.

The next story Vince told was about Harold Bradley, a producer, and session guitarist, and brother to Owen Bradley. Back in Hank Williams Sr.'s time, Harold was playing on one of Hank's sessions, and when they finished the song, Harold said to Hank, "That's one of the saddest songs I've ever heard," to which Hank replied, "Well, it was a real mean bottle." Vince loved the phrase, and turned it into a song, "Real Mean Bottle," which he says is for Merle Haggard, one of his heroes.

Someone in the audience requested Vince sing "Key To Life." Vince had strapped on his guitar to play the next song, but unstrapped it to put on his acoustic again, and said he'd play the song. He said he wrote the song for his dad, who passed away in 1997. He said his dad was a big man, who was a combination of John Wayne and Patton. He said he used to smoke 68 packs of cigarettes a day. He said that they used to watch Porter Wagoner's show on TV every week, and he used to think they would learn about the history of country music, but no, his dad watched it to look at Dolly. Because he knew his dad liked Dolly, when he was invited by her to sing the duet of "I'll Always Love You," he called up his dad, who lived in Ohio at the time and told him about it. His dad said "I'll be right down." He said when his dad met Dolly, he got a picture taken with her, and he had this huge smile on his face.

Another story Vince told about his dad was that when he was 15, his dad told him it was time to learn how to drive. So, they got in the truck and his dad said "Make a right, turn left." And right at that corner a guy in a fast sports car came flying around the corner and nearly hit them. Vince looked at his dad and his dad said "Catch 'em." So, Vince turned the car around and chased after the guy and caught up to him. The guy came out of his car with a tire iron in one hand. Vince's dad said "You gonna use that?" and the guy said "Yes sir," and Vince's dad said "We're outta here."

Next, Vince played another song from his album, "Young Man's Town." Then told about the next song, "Whippoorwhil River," which he co-wrote with Dean Dillion, who's written about 800 songs for George Strait.

Vince said the next song, "This Old Guitar And Me" was like the sequel to "Key of Life." He said back when he was 17, he was going to either go to college or give music a try. He wanted to play in a bluegrass band, and instead of going to collect, he spent the college money on a 1942 Martin guitar. He then told about Chet Atkins book which talked about his acquisitions of guitars, and how it inspired him to write a song about a guitar.

Vince strapped on a mandolin next for "In These Last Few Days," which is another song from his album, and one where his wife, Amy sings with him.

Next, another new song "The Sun's Gonna Shine On You." Then, Vince mentioned the new album had 17 songs on it. He said the next song is also from the new album, and it reminded him of Waylon. He then sang "You Ain't Foolin' Nobody."

Vince sang his current single, "Next Big Thing" next, and then reached back in the oldies and sang "Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away." Next, he sang one of my very favorites "I Still Believe In You." Then, another oldie, "What The Cowgirls Do."

Next, Vince sang the beautiful "Go Rest High On That Mountain." Then, he left and came back and said he'd sing one more, then he'd meet us at the crap table. With that he sang "Liza Jane."

What a show! I can't believe he performed for 2 hours and 20 minutes. There was a lot of storytelling, and it was just a great experience. If Vince is coming your way with his "Next Big Thing" tour, I highly advise ya go see him. It will be an experience you won't forget.

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