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Darryl Worley - I Miss My Friend
I Miss My Friend
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Darryl Worley has done it again. As much as I loved his last album, Hard Rain Don't Last, I love this one even more. With a great selection of songs, *ALL* traditional country, you can't lose.

"Tennessee River Run" has that great summertime feel, and sings about going on a party on the river while you fish, and enjoy the company of your friends. I hope Darryl releases this as his next single.

Darryl sings a tearjerker-type of song with the second cut, "I Wouldn't Mind The Shackles." He looks back on his last relationship, and realizes that now that she's gone, he is listening harder than he ever did when she was with him. "It's knowing that I'll always have her last goodbye ringing in my ears, driving me insane. I wouldn't mind the shackles, if it wasn't for the rattle of the chain."

"I Miss My Friend" is a song that touches many people, Darryl included. He mentions in the "cut by cut" of the album that he had a relationship with a lady that had a nine-year-old daughter. It had gotten to the point where he wanted to introduce her to his family. The lady and her daughter went off on a trip to Florida for a week, and on their way home, they were killed in an auto accident. Darryl was never able to say goodbye, and when he shot the video for "I Miss My Friend" he let all his feelings out, and found it was good therapy for him.

The song "Callin' Caroline" is similar to Garth Brooks' song "Callin' Baton Rouge," where he is traveling and he pulls over to call Caroline. This song would be a good one for a single, also.

There are times when I think Darryl sounds a lot like Merle Haggard, and it's very noticible in "Back Where I Belong." This is a sentimental song about remembering your home town and the people you grew up with.

"I Built This Wall" has a sort of Randy Travis feel to it to me. Maybe because of the song he sang called "The Hole?" This one talks about how you make a wall around you and you have to live with the decisions you made. "You Can't go back once love is dead, look at me now, I dug this hole, I made this bed."

If you're looking for a little Western Swing, you'll find it in "Opportunity of a Lifetime." He sings "I dont need to travel the world, chase after rainbows, I'm telling you girl, there's so many things that I'd rather do, like walkin' up each morning with you."

Ready for some fun? Look no further than track 10 where Darryl talks about spreading a little love around. Another one that should do well as a single.

Another tear-jerker has to be POW 369 where Darryl talks about going down the highway and getting mad at a guy that pulled in front of him, and he read the tag on the car POW 369 and he realized that "I should salute you from this heart of mine and thank you for placing your life on the line for me, I'm free."

The final song, "Where You Think You're Goin'" is another masterpiece of Western Swing. He sings, "Where you think you're goin' with my heart."

While this album is traditional to the core, I still think the songs are ones that will play on the radio. There's a little something for everyone... some tear-jerkers, some fast and rowdy songs, and some songs with a message.

Song List:

  1. Tennessee River Run
  2. I Wouldn't Mind The Shackles
  3. I Miss My Friend
  4. Callin' Caroline
  5. Family Tree
  6. Back Where I Belong
  7. The Least That You Can Do
  8. I Built This Wall
  9. Opportunity Of A Lifetime
  10. Spread A Little Love Around
  11. POW 369
  12. Where You Think You're Goin'?

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