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Guide Picks - Top 10 Alt-Country
The alt-country class is probably the most difficult to explain. Much of it could also be considered "Texas Country," and many of the alt-country artists have big followings in Texas. The picks below will comprise what I feel are the ten best albums by alt-country artists.
1.) - Pat Green
Pat Green has independently sold two hundred thousand records and is just now hitting the big time with nationwide exposure on the Country Music channels. If you think that is a big achievement, imagine how much his sales are bound to increase with the album, Three Days.
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2.) - David Ball
From the heartwarming first single, "Riding With Private Malone," which tells of a soldier that died in the war and came back to be a guardian angel of the new owner of the car he used to have, to the sure-to-be future hit tunes, "Loser Friendly" and "Swing Baby," you get a lot of different sounds in one nifty package.
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3.) - Bruce Robison
Bruce wrote all but four of the eleven tracks on "Country Sunshine" by himself, and those four were co-written by Bruce, so you really get to hear his beautiful songwriting capabilities.
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4.) - Charlie Robison
Words cannot express how talented Charlie Robison is because, not only can he write, he has such a unique flair to him that allows him to be humorous one minute and completely serious the next. Working long and hard has always been his way of living and those traits have prepared him for the road that has brought him to where he is today.
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5.) - Robert Earl Keen
"Gravitational Forces" is Robert Earl Keen's ninth album and is his debut on the Lost Highway Record Label. President George W. Bush, along with his twin daughters have listed this man as one of their favorite singers.
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6.) - Radney Foster
Recorded at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas on September twenty-first and twenty-second of 2001, "Are You Ready For The Big Show?" showcases the intimate setting of a live performance. It has some crowd reaction at the end of a few songs and one woman yelling "I'm In," but unlike other live albums this one focuses soley on the music and vocals instead of mostly crowd reaction and participation.
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7.) - Chris Knight
Chris Knight is one of those Texan singer/songwriters that I absolutely love. Sometimes while listening to an artist's album you never get the feeling of honesty and heartfelt emotion but with Chris Knight's A Pretty Good Guy, a person would sense a rather deep connection and a bearing of his soul.
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8.) - Jack Ingram
Jack Ingram is one of those artists that are hard to figure. Is he country? Is he a folk singer? Is he a rock and roll singer? The answer? He's all of them rolled into one concoction. The music is catchy and most important, like fellow Texan Pat Green, its pure fun.
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9.) - Pete Benz
"Hold Your Horses" is Pete Benz's second album on the Sonic Sorbet label, his first (entitled "Hang On Cowboy") had such successful hits as "I Don't Wanna Dance This Song Again," "I've Been Blessed," and "Good Luck."
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10.) - BR549
BR549 is a band that is tottering on the edge of a music revolution that is occuring in country music. In a time of country music pop star wanna-be singers and cute boy bands, they are neither. They are a bunch of guys playing the traditional honky tonk style country music that they love.
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