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Guide Picks - Top 10 Bluegrass
Bluegrass has been around the longest, and while you might think of Bluegrass musically as instrumental, there are lyrical pieces as well.. The picks below will comprise what I feel are the ten best albums by bluegrass artists.
1.) - Alison Krauss
New Favorite is the title of the new album by Alison Krauss. It is an acoustic Blue Grass album released off the Uni/Rounder label. It features some great instrumentals by some very talented artists. Alison has an incredibly pure voice and is one of the best fiddle players I have heard. She is joined by Union Station - Barry Bales, Ron Block, Jerry Douglas, and Dan Tyminski. This is a good album to pop in while you are relaxing - it has a very soothing feel to it.
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2.) - Dolly Parton
This is one of Dolly's best albums, and it has received high praise for the choices of songs and the perfection of her performance.
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3.) - Bill Monroe
Bill Monroe is known as the Father of Bluegrass. This album is a basic collection of many of the best-known recordings, including "Blue Moon of Kentucky," "Uncle Pen," and "My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'."
4.) - Earl Scruggs & Friends
Earl Scruggs And Friends is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. This album proves without a doubt that the old and the new music can peacefully co-exist and every once in a while join up to make the old familiar tunes refreshingly new again. BANJOS RULE!
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5.) - Ralph Stanley
Ralph Stanley is considered the second most influential figure in bluegrass, second only to Bill Monroe. This album is a two-disc tribute with guests like Bob Dylan, Gillian Welch, Dwight Yoakam, George Jones, Patty Loveless, Junior Brown, and others.
6.) - Patty Loveless
Patty went back to her Kentucky roots to record this wonderful bluegrass collection. While not embraced by radio, her video for "The Boys are Back In Town" is a favorite on CMT.
7.) - Rhonda Vincent
Rhonda Vincent has moved to the forefront of the contemporary bluegrass field. On this album she has an impressive roster of supporting musicians. She pays tribute to the roots of traditional bluegrass while adding her own distinctive touch.
8.) - Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Martin has worn the title "King of Bluegrass" for the past few decades, and the fact is, he's earned it. This album covers some of his best work.
9.) - Nickel Creek
Ever wonder what would happen if you were to mix youthful energy and bluegrass? Nickel Creek would be the result. The three members of Nickel Creek consist of Chris Thile on mandolin and lead vocals, Sara Watkins on fiddle and lead vocals, and Sara's brother Sean on acoustic guitar and background vocals. Chris and Sara take turns singing the leads on different songs.
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10.) - Various Artists
This album started a huge interest in Bluegrass music. The soundtrack has sold over two million copies all with virtually NO radio play, and several songs are nominated for CMA awards in 2001.
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