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Guide Picks - Top 10 Country Movies on Video
There are quite a few movies that have a country-related theme out there, so it was hard to pick just 10 to add to this list. These are 10 that either star a country star or else have a soundtrack with country music.
1.) Maverick - starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster
This 1994 movie stars Mel Gibson, Jodee Foster, & James Garner, reprising the role the James Garner made famous in the '50s tv series. Cameos by Clint Black, Hal Ketchum, Kathy Mattea, Vince Gill, Janis Gill, and Reba McEntire.
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2.) O Brother, Where Art Thou starring George Clooney, Tim Blake Nelson and John Tuturro
This 2000 Cohen Brothers movie is based on Homer's "Odyssey." The movie tells the story of Everett (George Clooney), Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson), and Pete (John Tuturro) who together flee the chain gang and experience a series of adventures while trying to get back to Everett's home, where he claims to have hidden a large sum of money that they will all share.
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3.) Forever Love starring Reba McEntire and Tim Matheson
This 1998 TV movie stars Reba McEntire as a woman, Lizzie Brooks, who awakens from a 20-year coma and has to rebuild her life with her husband, Peter (Tim Matheson) and daughter, Emma (Heather Stevens), who is about to be married. Her best friend, Gail (Bess Armstrong) loses her husband and moves in with Peter to help him raise Emma and take care of Lizzie.

4.) Pure Country starring George Strait, Lesley Ann Warren and Isabel Glasser
George Strait stars in this 1992 film about a country star, Dusty Wyatt Chandler, that is fed up with the overdone effects at his concerts and takes a walk after a show.
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5.) Hope Floats starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.
Sandra Bullock plays a homemaker who never strived to be anything more than a prom queen, and suddenly finds her husband is leaving her for her best friend. She goes home to her mother with her young daughter and tries to move on.
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6.) Tender Mercies starring Robert Duval
The film stars Robert Duvall as Mac Sledge, formerly an icon of country & western music, now down-and-out, a penniless alcoholic. The movie is less a traditional story than a chain of epiphanies on faith and love.

7.) Coal Miner's Daughter starring Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones
Sissy Spacek plays Loretta Lynn in this autobiography of the country singer. Tommy Lee Jones plays Doolittle "Mooney" Lynn, Loretta's husband, and the driving force behind her rise to fame.
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8.) The Thing Called Love starring River Phoenix and Samantha Mathis
The Thing Called Love examines the lives of four young people hoping to make it in country music in Nashville. Stars River Phoenix, Samantha Mathis, Sandra Bullock and Dermont Mulrooney.

9.) Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta and Debra Winger
John Travolta plays "Bud," who leaves his small town to move to Houston and work in a factory where his Uncle has a job. He ends up spending his free time at a honky tonk called "Gilleys," where he meets Debra Winger (Sissy).
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10.) Nashville starring Karen Black and Ronee Blakley
The plot deals with two dozen people over the course of one busy weekend. The main characters in the story are country music stars as well as country music wannabes.
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