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line Wynonna in Concert

Wynonna played the Las Vegas Hilton for three shows starting March 22nd. I was fortunate enough to be able to get 8th row center tickets for her second show.

You could easily spot the Wy Fans in the audience by their t-shirts adorned with Miss Judd's visage. Most of the first row was outfitted in Wynonna gear.

The show was scheduled to start at 9:00 pm, and by 8:55, the theater was about 90% full. Curiously, several seats in the row in front of me were empty, and remained so throughout the show. If I would have known that these people weren't going to show up, I would have moved up a row.

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I wasn't aware that there would be an opening act when I bought my tickets, but was surprised to see Dead Reckoning recording artist, Kevin Welch announced as a special guest.

Kevin was very understated, and his music folksy. He played accompanied only by his guitar. I enjoyed the six tunes that he played, which included one that was the title track of Wy's fourth solo release, "The Other Side." He joked that he wanted to get it in the act that night, since he didn't think she had it on her set list.

Kevin's selections:

Many of Kevin's songs are mid-tempo, and similar sounding, with the exception of the final one, which is very bluesy sounding. The audience was quiet during his performance, and gave him appreciative applause after each song.

Kevin's sound clips courtesy of DeadReckoners.com

After a 10 minute break, it was time for Wynonna.

Outfitted in a long black jacket and slacks with funky black platform boots and gold brocade blouse, Wy hit the stage, belting out a cut from her latest album, New Day Dawning, called "Tuff Enuff."

Wynonna has changed her musical style from her days as one-half of the country duo, "The Judds." Back then, the music was strictly country. Since going solo, Wy has stretched her wings adding music that is a little more R&B and rock. But, regardless of what she sings, she does it with her full heart and soul.

Looking back at the songs that she sang, there were quite a few from her 1996 release, Revelations. I don't own the album, so I didn't recognize these songs, but I loved the two ballads she sang from it, which unfortunately, don't have audio clips. These were "My Angel Is Here," and "Love By Grace."

Here is her full set list. I've included links to audio clips of the songs where applicable.

Wynonna's audio clips courtesy of Barnes & Noble

Just one more comment on "How Great Thou Art." Wy really does this one well. She and her background singers sound like heaven opened up and music poured down when they sing this. Awesome!

"Testify To Love" was a cut from the Nashville version of "Prince of Egypt" soundtrack.

What can I say? Wynonna is wonderful in concert. Worth every penny. She's been at it for 18 years, and her voice is still as pure as it was when she started.


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