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Lee Brice Biography


hard 2 love album cover

Lee Brice - 'Hard to Love' (2012)

Image courtesy of Curb Records


Lee Brice, on June 10, 1979, in Sumter, South Carolina

Early Years:

Lee Brice's early musical experiences came from singing in church and playing the piano. He began writing songs and performing in school talent shows. After high school, he was accepted to South Carolina's Clemson University on a football scholarship, but an arm injury derailed his athletic ambitions. They were replaced by the dream of being a professional country singer.

Success as a Songwriter:

Lee Brice first gained a foothold in Nashville's recording industry in by writing songs. He co-wrote "Every Man Lives" for Jason Aldean, "More Than a Memory" for Garth Brooks, and "Red Wine and Whiskey" for Jason Byrd, all of which were released in 2007.

Solo Career Stumbles:

With these credits under his belt, Brice signed with Curb Records as a solo artist the same year. He recorded tracks for an album to be entitled Picture of Me, but the record company shelved it. Nevertheless, three singles from the nixed album found their way to the airwaves: "She Ain't Right," "Happy Endings," and "Upper Middle Class White Trash," none of which rose above the top 25 on the country singles charts.

Debut Album:

Lee Brice continued to write songs for other artists, including Adam Gregory and Tim McGraw, and in 2009 released his first new solo single until then, "Love Like Crazy," which peaked at #9 on the country top 10. It was the title track to Brice's first solo album, Love Like Crazy, which was released in 2010.

"A Woman Like You":

Lee Brice offered a preview of his upcoming album Hard 2 Love in 2011 with the single "A Woman Like You," which hit #2 in early April.

Selected Discography:

  • Love Like Crazy (2010, Curb Records)
  • Hard 2 Love (2012, Curb Records)
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