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Top 40 Johnny Cash Moments

21 - 40


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

American Recordings
    21) Johnny and June finally wed on March 1, 1968.
    22) In 1969, the San Quentin Prison concert is recorded by Columbia.
    23) John Carter Cash is born in 1970. His only son, and child with June. In June that year, the Johnny Cash Show premieres on ABC-TV, with special guest Bob Dylan.
    24) 1969 was Johnny Cash's greatest year, as he sold over six-and-a-half million records, which was more than any other artist at that time had sold in one year.
    25) On April 17th 1970, Johnny Cash is invited to the White House to perform for President Nixon.
    26) In 1975, Johnny completes his autobiography, The Man In Black. The book is now out of print.
    27) In 1976 "One Piece at a Time" becomes Johnny's last No. 1 record.
    28) In 1977, Johnny receives the Award of Merit at the 4th annual American Music Awards.
    29) In 1980, Johnny is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. At age 48, he is the youngest living inductee.
    30) In 1985, Johnny joins Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson as the Highwaymen, and release their first album together, called Highwayman.
    31) Also in 1985, Johnny publishes Man In White, a novel about the life of Paul the Apostle.
    32) In 1986, Columbia drops Johnny Cash from the label.
    33) In 1990, Johnny receives the Academy of Country Music's Pioneer Award.
    34) In 1992, Johnny is inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame, becoming the only person ever inducted in R&R, Country and Songwriters Halls of Fame. He also receives the Grammy Legend Award.
    35) In 1993, Johnny signs with American Recordings, introducing a whole new generation to his music. His first album is entitled American Recordings.
    36) In 1996, Johnny is honored at the annual Kennedy Center Awards.
    37) In 1997, Johnny releases his second story of his life, called Cash: An Autobiography.
    38) In 2000, Johnny receives the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, which says he "truly one of the most influential figures in country music, transcends both generations and musical genres."
    39) Johnny's beloved soulmate, June Carter passes away on March 15, 2003.
    40) Nearly four months later, on September 12, 2003, Johnny succumbs at Baptist Hospital of complications from diabetes.
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