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Johnny Cash: Drugs and June Carter Cash



johnny cash and june carter cash

Newlyweds Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Johnny Cash toured throughout the early 1960s, playing as many as 300 shows a year. He began taking amphetamines to keep up with the pace of his life. For a spell he was roommates in Nashville with Waylon Jennings, who also had a problem with pills.

During this period, Cash had many run-ins with the law. While on tour in 1965, he was busted by a narcotics squad who discovered a vast store of prescriptions pills in his guitar case. He was also accused of starting a forest fire in California. And, in Starkville, Mississippi, he was arrested for picking flowers on private property.

As his drug addiction worsened, Cash broke up with his first wife Vivian. By 1963, he had moved to New York City, effectively abandoning his family.

In 1968, Cash conquered his addiction with the help of God and June Carter, who he married that year. (He had first met June when he toured with the Carter Family in the early '60s.) Although Cash would have relapses in the future, the worst was over.

  • Drugs and June Carter Cash: 1960-1967

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