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Johnny Cash

Your guide to the Man in Black


johnny cash portrait

Johnny Cash, 1969

Image courtesy of Getty Images / The Hulton Archive

Johnny Cash has influenced everyone from punk rockers to rappers. Held up as the country singer even country haters can get behind, he pretty much sums up the whole mythology of country music. His songs encompass all the major subjects: God, trains, work, drinking, cheating, and much, much more.

Cash's 1955 song "I Walk the Line" propelled him to fame, and he continued to blur the boundaries between country, folk, and rock with his television variety show in the '60s. After flagging fortunes, Cash experienced a late-20th century comeback with his rugged and critically acclaimed American Recordings.

The Life of Johnny Cash

Explore the life of Johnny Cash with this biography. It tracks the Man in Black from his first session with Sun Records to recording "Hurt" with Rick Rubin.

About the Songs

Discover the stories behind some of the Man in Black's top tunes. These brief articles supply commentary, history, and links to audio clips.

Articles on Johnny Cash 

From little-known facts to behind-the-scenes info, these articles dig deeper on Cash's legendary life and music.

Album Reviews

Don't know where to start? Check out these top Cash albums for recommendations.


Find notable images of Johnny Cash, from concert photos to album art.

Books and Movies about Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash learned something about singing and songwriting from every artist listed below.

Close Collaborators

These artists recorded and performed with Johnny Cash. Whether young or old, he counted them among his contemporaries.

Relatives of Johnny Cash

Here are some musicians related to Johnny Cash either by blood or marriage. Read their profiles for information on their lives and their relationship with the singer.

Trivia Facts about Johnny Cash

  • Cash had over 100 hit singles during his lifetime.
  • In 1980, Johnny Cash was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame, making him the youngest member.
  • For the American Recordings series, producer Rick Rubin tried repeatedly to get him to cover Radiohead's "Creep." Cash never budged.

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