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Blake Shelton Discography


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'Based on a True Story...' (2013)
based on a true story album cover

Blake Shelton - 'Based on a True Story' (2013)

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Blake Shelton's seventh studio album is scheduled for release March 26, 2013. The new record will include the single "Sure Be Cool If You Did" and the tracks listed below.

Track List

  1. "Boys 'Round Here"
  2. "Sure Be Cool if You Did"
  3. "Do You Remember"
  4. "Small Town Big Time"
  5. "Country on the Radio"
  6. "My Eyes"
  7. "Doing What She Likes"
  8. "Still Got a Finger"
  9. "Mine Would Be You"
  10. "Lay Low"
  11. "Ten Times Crazier"
  12. "Granddaddy's Gun"

Album review

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