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Big & Rich - All Access

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Big & Rich - All Access

Big & Rich - All Access

Center Street
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Big & Rich have been a dynamic duo in the public eye for four years now. Long before they joined forces, they were unaware that the obstacles that life threw in their paths would later bring them together. Big & Rich - All Access is so "in your face" that you can't put the book down. Everyone has always known that one was flashy and one was bold, but now you learn why. We all have our history and backgrounds, but John Rich and "Big" Kenny Alphin have made their lives an open book. So, sit down, relax and enjoy.

When it comes to Big & Rich, you are dealing with two totally different people that have joined forces and taken the country music world by storm, and broken every boundary possible. They have stood up to record and label executives the same as they have stood up to critics, nose to nose, and have come out winners. At no point since the "Outlaw" movement, has country music seen such a force as the "Muzik Mafia," and they have proved that over and over. With rock solid members such as Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, James Otto, Shannon Lawson, and newest member John Anderson, Big & Rich has acted as "The Godfathers" of country biggest "mob." Having such a diverse group pull together and challenge all odds is something to be proud of, especially when they are stronger than ever. Consider the fact, they are two country boys who were brought up on cattle farms, John is from Texas, and "Big" Kenny is from Virginia, only John learned his love for music at an early age. The book gives a total inside look into the lives of John Rich and "Big" Kenny Alphin, from where they were born, how they grew up, even different jobs they had until they got to "Music City." Although this book is written and based on the duo of Big & Rich, it is not just about them, it is about everyone that has had any influence on them. Regardless what portion of their dynamic career you are fascinated with the most, you will learn everything about them here.
Big & Rich

Big & Rich

Sue Bauman
"Big" Kenny Alphin and John Rich thank their fans for everything they do. At no point in this whole book do you forget where the fans stand. The second chapter was one of the most interesting, because it shows how they came to Nashville and struggled for so many years before they even began to get breaks. This great book also shows how they have been affected by their die-hard fans, and people they came across throughout the years. There is a whole entire section dedicated to just the fans, and also a section that explains how certain songs came about. One of those songs is "The 8th Of November." Bringing this song to life, was extraordinary, but to see how it truly came about is unreal. To read about Niles Harris, and the things he, and everyone in his troop went through is touching to say the least. This book is all about the music and their love for it. The pictures alone are great, and make you feel like you have been with them throughout their journey. Included is a great DVD, that has numerous sections, and it even introduces "Granny" Rich, and how much she is loved by not only the "Muzik Mafia," but by everyone. Regardless of who you like in the "Mafia," this is the book for you. For an in depth look of Big & Rich's life, career and everything in between, make sure you add Big & Rich - All Access to your collection.
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