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Alison Krauss - A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection

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Alison Krauss - A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection

Alison Krauss - A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection

Bottom Line:

A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection consists of five previously unreleased tracks along with eleven tracks which can be found on various artist's albums or movie soundtracks. If you want a great all-in-one assortment of solo Alison Krauss songs, then this is for you.

Alison Krauss' voice is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. She could even make the phone book sound good. What I particularly like about this album is that in addition to new solo material, there are also songs included that were released on other artist's albums or movie soundtracks. If you missed out on them years ago you now have a new chance to add them to your collection.

The first four songs on A Hundred Miles Or More are previously unreleased tracks. In "You're Just A Country Boy," it is almost like the woman is telling the man it is her fault he will never marry. A "Simple Love" is what everyone should have and that sentiment is beautifully expressed here. "A relationship that is always giving and never asking back." Alison's voice really shines on the vividly detailed "Jacob's Dream" and sad-yet-soothing "Away Down The River." A woman dies, but she is telling her husband that there are pictures on the wall "Not to make you sad, but to make you remember all the good times we had." They'll be together again someday.

As a big fan of Alison Krauss with Union Station, "Sawing On The Strings" is my kind of song. It kicks up the tempo of the album with Alison on fiddle, Jerry Douglas on dobro, Barry Bales on acoustic bass, Stuart Duncan also on fiddle, and Dan Tyminski on mandolin. You can't go wrong when they get together. Most of the Union Station gang also plays on the sweet Disney song, "Baby Mine," and The Prince Of Egypt's "I Give You To His Heart."

There are a few songs I have not heard before and I was pleased to find them in this collection. "Molly Bàn (Bawn) was included on a Chieftains album and has just a touch of an Irish sound to it. Alison sounds so vulnerable as she tells the story of a young woman who met her end while on the way to her uncle's house. A piano solo is played before Alison sings "Get Me Through December." All she wants to do is "Make it through December so I can start over again" because she doesn't want to feel any more pain.

One of the only songs on the album that could be classified as semi-upbeat is Alison's duet with John Waite on the song "Missing You." I like the dynamic of John's strong voice and Alison's tender voice coming together. Previously unreleased is "Lay Down Beside Me," which is more of a sultry sounding song performed by Alison and John. It is also the perfect way to end the sixteen song album. This is a wonderful assortment of new music along with songs you might not already have in your collection.

Track List:

  1. You're Just A Country Boy
  2. Simple Love
  3. Jacob's Dream
  4. Away Down The River
  5. Sawing On The Strings
  6. Down To The River To Pray
  7. Baby Mine
  8. Molly Ban
  9. How's The World Treating You
  10. Scarlet Tide
  11. Whiskey Lullaby
  12. You Will Be My Ain True Love
  13. I Give You To His Heart
  14. Get Me Through December
  15. Missing You
  16. Lay Down Beside Me
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