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John Anderson - All the People are Talkin'

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John Anderson - All the People are Talkin'

John Anderson - All the People are Talkin'

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Bottom Line:

What a great trip down memory lane. John Anderson has long been a favorite of mine and this reminds me why. This is a great album to have in any collection.

All the People Are Talkin' is one of five titles from legendary John Anderson that is being re-released to CD. The original release date was 1983 and was co-produced by Anderson and Lou Bradley. It has some great tunes and takes you on a very enjoyable trip down the musical memory lane.

Throughout the album you can hear Anderson's sister, Donna Kay, singing background vocals. Anderson is very family oriented and has always put family first when making career decisions. This philosophy shows in his music and his work integrity. Over the years he has amassed a large and loyal fan following and they line up to show their appreciation when he comes to town. If you have never experienced John Anderson live, I strongly recommend putting it on your to do list. He hits the stage with a wealth of experience behind him and his talent stands on its own. He is also one of the most respected song writers in Nashville today.

This album contained some great country tunes with a little Zydeco flavor mixed in. I love good Zydeco, and they really let loose on a song called "Haunted House." This fun tune makes you want to crank the volume and move the furniture so you can dance your heart out.

There were a couple of ballads that made me run for the tissue box. "Mama Look What Followed Me Home" is a touching story of finding a genuinely nice lady in a not so nice place. "An Occasional Eagle" talks about these great birds and their beauty.

The first single release, "Black Sheep," hit No. 1 on the charts. I think that a lot of people could relate to a song about choosing to live life on their own terms, and maybe their choices didn't meet what their family thought they should do. But the choices they made were the right ones for them and they were happy and in love. That matters more than living in a mansion with no love.

"Let Somebody Else Drive" was the second single and hit No. 9 on the charts. This song carried a message and was adopted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This is a terrific album and a fun listen all the way through.

Track List:

  1. All the People are Talkin'
  2. Blue Lights and Bubbles
  3. Haunted House
  4. Look What Followed Me Home
  5. Black Sheep
  6. Let Somebody Else Drive
  7. An Occasional Eagle
  8. Things Ain't Been the Same Around the Farm
  9. Call on Me
  10. Old Mexico
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