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Dean Brody - 'Dean Brody'

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Dean Brody

Dean Brody

Broken Bow Records

Dean Brody Bottom Line:

Country music is meant to come from someone who knows what it is like to live and lose certain things in life. That is what fans can expect when they hear the self titled, debut album by Dean Brody. Every word he sings comes from the heart and reaches the listener with open arms. His music is modern, yet traditional which makes it even more enjoyable.

About Dean Brody

Country music newcomer, Dean Brody, has been tearing up the music circuit in Canada for years. He has been able to entertain his fan base, while consistently learning how to master his craft.

Dean was born in Jaffry, British Columbia, and as a child he worked in a sawmill and learned how to play guitar in his spare time. He moved to Nashville in 2004 in order to pursue his dream as a country music entertainer. Dean landed a songwriting contract, but ended up having to move back to Canada before this really panned out.

With the encouragement of one of the world's most famous producers, Keith Stegall, Dean moved back to Nashville and was fortunate enough to land a recording contract with Broken Bow Records in 2008. Ever since he signed his contract, he has been in the spotlight, going all over the country promoting his music and singing his songs.

It is very rare in the music industry for a new artist to be allowed to record a song that they have written for their debut record. However, in the case of Dean Brody, he not only was allowed to record a few of his own songs, they actually released one of them as his first single. This is truly remarkable and the song "Brothers" has touched more lives than anyone can imagine. Dean has one of the most traditional voices in country music and he is now able to share that with the world.

Dean Brody - The Songs:

This record kicks off with a bang with a song titled "Undone." It has an awesome feel to it and all you have to do is close your eyes and picture a place in the country where things are a little more laid back. This is a place where folks enjoy the simple things in life and leave the rest of the world to deal with the rat race.

"This Ain't The Same Town (That I Painted Red)" is classic. Sometimes when people are growing up, they think they run their town and when they move away things are never the same again. Actually, all too often, when they return to visit, their home town seems more like a ghost town than anything.

The first single to be released off of this record is a touching tune called "Brothers." If you are or know someone who has been injured in battle, this tune will hit you hard. It starts off with a chilling drum solo and then the fiddle joins in just in time to give you cold chills down your spine. It is about a child who watches his brother go off to war. He recalls all of the things that he would do with his sibling and how much he misses him. By the time the song comes to an end, you realize just how important certain people are in your life and the things you would do for them if they needed you.

"Cattleman's Gun" and "Up On The Moon" bring this record to an end and leaves you begging for more. Nothing beats hearing new music that you can listen to over and over again.

Release Date: April 28, 2009 - Broken Bow Records

Dean Brody Track List:

  1. "Undone"
  2. "Dirt Roads Scholar"
  3. "Gravity"
  4. "This Ain't The Same Town (That I Painted Red)"
  5. "Lazy Days"
  6. "Brothers"
  7. "Old Joe Riley"
  8. "This Old Raft"
  9. "Back In Style"
  10. "Cattleman's Gun"
  11. "Up On The Moon"
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