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Faith Hill - The Hits

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Faith Hill - The Hits

Faith Hill - The Hits

Warner Brothers Nashville
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After six studio albums and several hit singles, 11 of them reaching number one, Faith Hill and Warner Brothers records release an official Greatest Hits CD. With 15 tracks, including her new single "Red Umbrella," this CD is a good retrospective of Faith's 14 year recording career. Several of her radio friendly hits can be found on this collection.

Back on September 21, 1967, a little girl named Audrey Faith Perry was born in Ridgeland, Mississippi. She was adopted as a baby, and raised by a couple in the nearby town of Star. Her vocal talent was noticed very early on.

By the time she was a teenager, Faith was a regular performer at area churches. She briefly attended college, but at the age of 19, she quit school to move to Nashville to pursue her dream of being a country singer. She auditioned to be a backup singer for Reba McEntire, but didn't get the job.

Along with pursuing her career in the country music business, Faith married songwriter and music executive Dan Hill in 1988. They would later divorce in 1994. This would be the surname that she would continue to use throughout her recording career. And what a career it has been!

In 1993, this talented, attractive newcomer to country music released her debut album entitled Take Me As I Am, and the country music fans did just that. Fourteen years, over 30 million records, 11 number one singles and six studio albums later, Warner Brothers has released her first official greatest hits CD. This CD should not be confused with the 2001 release entitled There You'll Be: The Best Of Faith Hill which was a CD of hits, alternate takes and live recordings. This 15 track collection is a sampling of the music that has made Faith Hill one of country music's most successful and enduring female performers. She instantly won over country fans in 1993 with her debut single "Wild One." It spent 4 weeks at #1. And the hits just kept on coming!

Faith Hill

Faith Hill

Warner Brothers
She followed that up with "Take Me As I Am" and "Piece Of My Heart" which unfortunately doesn't appear on this collection. It does include her recent hit single, and beautiful ballad "Lost."

The disc kicks off with her latest single "Red Umbrella." It's a fun, up tempo pop song much like her hit "Sunshine And Summertime" which also isn't included in this collection. In fact, several key hits were left off of this CD. And at only 15 tracks, Warner Brothers could have included a few more hits on this disc to fill it up. Where are hits like "Let's Go To Vegas," "But I Will," "Someone Else's Dream," "You Can't Lose Me," "I Can't Do That Anymore," "It's Your Love" with Tim McGraw, "Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me" also with Tim McGraw, "Love Ain't Like That," "If My Heart Had Wings," "If I Should Fall Behind" and a few others.

Clearly the songs not included could have filled a second CD. It should also be noted that the songs "The Way You Love Me" and "Breathe" are the pop mixes and not the original versions found on the Breathe CD. There is also a live concert version of the song "Stronger."

Over all, this 15 track collection of the hits of Faith Hill is a really good retrospective of her 14 year recording career with Warner Brothers Records, and a good introduction to anyone who isn't familiar with the music of Faith Hill.

Track List:

  1. "Red Umbrella"
  2. "Stronger (Live)"
  3. "I Need You (With Tim McGraw)"
  4. "Lost"
  5. "Mississippi Girl"
  6. "Cry"
  7. "There You'll Be"
  8. "The Way You Love Me"
  9. "Breathe"
  10. "The Secret Of Life"
  11. "Let Me Let Go"
  12. "This Kiss"
  13. "It Matters To Me"
  14. "Piece Of My Heart"
  15. "Wild One"
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