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The Greencards - 'Fascination'

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The Greencards - 'Fascination'

The Greencards - 'Fascination'

Sugar Hill Records

Fascination Bottom Line:

I didn't know what to expect from this little group, a trio of pickers who hail originally from Australia (singer/bassist Carol Young and multiple string player Kym Warner) and the UK (violinist/violist Eamon McLoughlin ), did a stint in Austin and then landed in Nashville. To be honest, the word "Nashville" doesn't give me a lot of hope these days; but the time in Austin pleased me, so I was willing to listen. What I heard was roots music that is more roots than most; all the way back to the Scots-Irish Celtic roots. More importantly, this music is good.

About The Greencards

Fascination is the fourth album for the Grammy-nominated trio, and their debut with Sugar Hill Records. It's impossible to classify this group. They're not what people call country these days, nor are they classic country of any stripe; they're certainly not Bluegrass (at least, not the sort one normally thinks of, not that Bill Monroe sound that categorizes the genre), nor are they the more experimental and "modern" Newgrass; but whatever you might call them, they are the real deal in all ways, and it's no wonder they've been honored with the Americana Music Award for "Emerging Artist of the Year" in 2006 (as well as the Grammy nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance, 2008).

They've also toured with Bob Dylan and with Willie Nelson, as well as performing at numerous bluegrass festivals, their unusual approach to the sound gaining them legions of followers. Their sound is their own, and it is lovely.

Fascination - The Songs

An initial listen to the title track, "Fascination," confused me. I wasn't sure what precisely I was hearing. The music was multi-layered and sweet, with a fine voice, but it didn't sound like the sort of thing I usually tend to gravitate to. However, by the time I reached the third track, "Outskirts of Blue," I was falling in love.

With the beginning of the fourth track, "The Avenue," I wondered how it was that these guys haven't been asked to be on Craig Ferguson yet (if they haven't been, that is), because they are awesome, and exactly the sort of intelligent, unusual, underground sound that usually graces that best-of Late Night shows.

With sharp lyrics and exquisite melodies, woven together absolutely perfectly, there's really nothing at all to dislike about this disc.

I can't really describe the tones, the sound that comes from songs like "Hairshirt" and "Chico Calling," but I know that I just put my earbuds on and closed my eyes and listened, the way I haven't listened to music in a long, long time. If this is what we can expect to hear from the Greencards, then hopefully there will be a lot more from them in years to come.

Release Date: April 21, 2009 - Sugar Hill Records

Fascination Track List:

  1. "Fascination"
  2. "Outskirts Of Blue"
  3. "The Avenue"
  4. "Chico Calling"
  5. "Three Four Time"
  6. "Davey Jones"
  7. "Little Siam"
  8. "Water In The Well"
  9. "Into The Blue"
  10. "Rivertown"
  11. "The Crystal Merchant"
  12. "Lover I Love The Best"
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