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Tracy Lawrence - For The Love

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Tracy Lawrence - For the Love

Tracy Lawrence - For the Love

Rocky Comfort
Bottom Line:

For The Love is a wonderful album containing ten songs and a bonus version of "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" (with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney). It was produced by Tracy Lawrence, Julian King, and Flip Anderson. There's not a bad song in the bunch. Tracy's voice is in fine form on this album.

It's during your toughest times that you'll "Find Out Who Your Friends Are." Through thick and thin, they'll give you money when times are hard and will drop everything just to help you out. "This is is where the cream is gonna rise. This is where the truth don't lie."

"Just Like Her" is a slow song, perfectly suited for playing at the honky tonks and bars. The man goes through all the emotions when it comes to his ex. He compares his love/hate feelings towards smokey bars and cigarettes with how he feels about her. "She's the best, she's the worst. She's the best I've ever had." On the opposite side of the honky-tonkin' spectrum is "Just Like That." It's upbeat, fun, and instantly makes you want to move around when it starts playing. A guy and his buddies head out to the bar to try to find a little love and a little luck.

"You Can't Hide Redneck" follows the lives of different people who might have moved onto "bigger things," but sooner or later their redneck side came back out to the forefront. "You might as well forget it, it's gonna find its way out," Tracy sings. "We're gonna blow our cover. You can't keep us from being loud, so you might as well be proud."

Brad Arnold joins Tracy on "For The Love," a song about people who do things because they love and want to, not because they'll become rich or famous. People will criticize others and try to cut them down but you have to keep on going. Try not to let words affect you because most of the time people don't even know what they are talking about.

As a man watches his former flame leave at the "Speed Of Flight," he finds himself alone with only his tears. He's left wondering why this time they couldn't work things out when before things seemed easier to mend. The smell of her perfume lingers in the night's air and haunts his memories.

I love Tracy Lawrence's voice and when he sings slow songs you really hear how he puts his heart into the lyrics. "Til I Was A Daddy Too" is about a man who didn't know "How deep a father's love could run" until he had a son. Once you become a parent you experience all the joys of living life for your children instead of for yourself.

The album's closer is a different version of "Find Out Who Your Friends Are." This time it features Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney along with Tracy. Not only can you count on good friends when you need them, but you can always count on Tracy Lawrence to deliver great albums. I haven't yet come across a boring or bland album by the artist and I doubt I ever will.

Song List:

  1. Find out Who Your Friends Are
  2. Just Like Her
  3. You Can't Hide Redneck
  4. For the Love
  5. As Easy as Our Blessings
  6. Speed of Flight
  7. Rock and a Soft Place
  8. Til I Was a Daddy Too
  9. You're Why God Made Me
  10. Just Like That
  11. Find out Who Your Friends Are
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