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Gary Allan - Greatest Hits

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Gary Allan - Greatest Hits

Gary Allan - Greatest Hits

MCA Nashville
Bottom Line:

If you are a fan of Gary Allan's music and would like to have some of his best songs in one collection, then Greatest Hits is the perfect thing for you. Not only do you get his hits, but you also get two new songs as a bonus.

There are two new songs on Gary Allan's Greatest Hits album, and the first one released to radio is "A Feelin' Like That." Nothing compares to the love he shared with a special lady - not even running with the bulls in Spain. The thrill isn't there. "You're all I want" he sings. The second new song on the album is "As The Crow Flies," written by Keith Gattis. It has that certain edge that Gary Allan does so well. The man lived in Nashville for a while but when a woman tried to get him to settle down he "put the hammer down" and headed to Hollywood where the "next city is never too hard to find."

Gary's first major hit was "Her Man," from the Used Heart For Sale album which was released in 1996. It went to No. 7 on the Billboard charts. It wasn't until 1999 that he began having a string of hits. His Smoke Rings In The Dark album produced such hits as "Smoke Rings In The Dark" (peaking at No. 12), "Loving You Against My Will" (peaking at No. 34), and especially "Right Where I Need To Be" (peaking at No. 5). Smoke Rings In The Dark is the album I associate with Gary Allan's "California Cool" sound, thus the songs from that album reflect that moniker.

Three songs represent Gary's Alright Guy album. "Man Of Me" continued the "California Cool" sound, but it was pumped up a notch. This tune about a woman who knows how to make a man really feel like a man peaked at No. 18. It also had a unique video to go along with it. Gary's first No. 1 song, "Man To Man" was the album's second release and a big hit to the country music listening audience. It's a wonderfully written song told from the perspective of a man who doesn't appreciate how another man is treating his lady. Third single "The One" came close to being on top but only managed a No. 3 peak.

See If I Care spawned another two No. 1s: "Tough Little Boys" (showcasing Gary's softer side) and the steamy "Nothin' On But The Radio." There was a third single ("Songs About Rain") and it peaked at No. 12.

Tough All Over has to be the most introspective album Gary Allan has ever released. "Best I Ever Had" struck a chord with fans but peaked only at No. 7, while "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" made it all the way up to No. 4. With every note on each song you could feel that Gary Allan was at an emotional place in his life when he recorded them. It hurt to listen to the songs sometimes because of the pain in his voice but hopefully it helped him find a better place to be in after the death of his wife.

Gary Allan has been releasing albums for eleven years and I couldn't be more happy that he's still beltin' out the songs and playing his guitar. He has his own unique musical sound and it's something I simply can't get enough of - and I'm sure his fans feel the same way.

Song List:

  1. A Feeling Like That
  2. Right Where I Need To Be
  3. Songs About Rain
  4. Smoke Rings In The Dark
  5. Her Man
  6. Best I Ever Had
  7. Nothing On But The Radio
  8. Man To Man
  9. The One
  10. Loving You Against My Will
  11. It Would Be You
  12. Man Of Me
  13. Tough Little Boys
  14. As The Crow Flies
  15. Life Ain't Always Beautiful
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