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Billy Ray Cyrus - Home At Last

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Billy Ray Cyrus - Home At Last

Billy Ray Cyrus - Home At Last

Walt Disney Records
Bottom Line:

Billy Ray Cyrus has released a new album under Walt Disney Records, simply titled Home At Last. As soon as you hit play, it is obvious Home At Last is not only the name of the CD but how he truly feels. Sitting on top of the world with a new album and as a co-star of the hit Disney show Hannah Montana, Billy Ray proves to the world he is not only at the top of his game, but Home At Last.

Regardless of how anyone remembers Billy Ray Cyrus, from the start of his career to now, they're obviously impressed. From his beginning in Flatwoods, Kentucky, to the creation of the mullet, to his "Achy Breaky Heart" moves on Dancing With The Stars, Billy Ray has always produced great records that everyone can enjoy. With a pure country voice and a southern rock edge, there is no mistake that you are listening to a Billy Ray Cyrus record. Making a new album with Walt Disney Records, you can listen to it with anyone. Home At Last is a combination of new material and great old classics that were made famous by pop legends such as Judy Garland, Van Morrison, and Jackie DeShannon. There is never a dull moment on this album, which is also full of great love ballads. Billy Ray Cyrus has always been a fan favorite at concerts and award shows across the country, and people keep coming back begging for more. When the first song starts you will understand why people love Billy Ray. He starts off the album with a great tune titled "Ready, Set, Don't Go," which is a personal favorite, not only because it's a great ballad, but because the music flowed with the powerful words, and was a great rockin' tune. "Ready, Set, Don't Go" is a tune that can be taken one of two ways. It is either about woman leaving a man, or a father watching his child leave and spread their wings. Either way it is a sure hit.
"The Beginning" is a great song with an important message. Singing "I could die right now, I’ve lived a life and it would only be the beginning," shows how satisfied he is with his life, and where he is going. "The Buffalo" is an awesome track that relates life with the buffalo. After being told he is going to lose his job, and knowing he has to tell his wife and all the struggles that go along with it, he tells his boss "I ain't going quietly, like the way of the buffalo." Continuing to lean towards songs that talk about life lessons, Billy Ray added "Flying By." This song hits close to home for anyone, and really makes you evaluate your own life. Billy Ray stepped up and decided to record the classic tune "Brown Eyed Girl," which was originally recorded by Van Morrison. Never missing a note, Billy Ray proves not only that he can redo classics and make them his own, but also record them a tribute to the original artist. "Don't Give Up On Me" and "You've Got A Friend" are two more tunes that discuss life and the troubles that comes with it. The final two songs are remakes as well, and really brings back memories of growing up and how much these songs has impacted your life. "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" shows that Billy Ray also has is share of soul. The last track, "Over The Rainbow" truly shows Billy Ray's voice range and also is a great tribute to the legends who have recorded it in the past. Upon finishing this album, I found Billy Ray Cyrus is Home At Last.

Track List:

  1. Ready, Set, Don't Go
  2. The Beginning
  3. The Buffalo
  4. Flying By
  5. Brown Eyed Girl
  6. Don't Give Up On Me
  7. You've Got A Friend
  8. You Can't Lose Me
  9. I Can't Live Without Your Love
  10. My Everything
  11. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  12. Over The Rainbow
  13. Stand (Bonus Track)
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