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The Bellamy Brothers - Jesus Is Coming

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Bellamy Brothers - Jesus is Coming

Bellamy Brothers - Jesus is Coming

Curb Records
Bottom Line:

Florida natives, The Bellamy Brothers, have done it again, although this time they have added a full-length gospel album to their musical legacy. Jesus Is Coming is their 49th album in a career that has spanned over thirty years. Although this is not your typical gospel album, there are thirteen great songs, which include previous hits as "Old Hippie III," as well as "Let Your Love Flow." This is a one-of-a-kind gospel album that includes country, gospel and even blues sounds and will be a must for anyone who loves The Bellamy Brothers.

Now finished with their 49th album, Jesus Is Coming, The Bellamy Brothers sound better than ever. David Bellamy has written nine tracks, and Howard wrote one, which guarantees that with one of them behind the pen, you are going to get a knockout album. Right off the bat, the first song "Drug Problems," shows comedy and truth to the world we live in today. "People drying out and checking into Betty Ford, but I just can't relate to strange addictions, cause I was drugged to church every Sunday morning." This song itself makes it worth buying the CD, but the rest of the songs are just as good. "Wings Of The Wind" is the second track and is a very acoustic tune and states, "standing at the crossroads can be a full time job, but we will fly to him on the wings of the wind." It would not be a true "Bellamy Brothers" record if there were not some humor on it. They show there light-hearted humor in a song that got its title from a bumper sticker, "Lord Help Me Be The Person (My Dog Thinks I Am.)" The first five songs really show that this album is not going to be a let down, and is a great addition to any collection that includes country or gospel. It also lays out a great path for the last half of the album, which is just as good as the first, and even includes two songs that David and Howard have already had great success with and helped mold them into one of country's greatest duos to date.
"Faith Came Back To Me" sounds like it should be in the hymn book of any church. It has a great feel and really makes you want to run to church the next time the doors open. Imagine your favorite hymn as a child and listen to this, I am sure you will agree. This is a perfect song for any occasion that you may have going on at any church function. "I Ain't Goin' To Hell" is a fast paced southern gospel tune with a great blues sound. The brothers sing "I'm going around the world for Jesus, but I ain't goin' to hell." It is another feel-good song that leads right into the classic remake of "Old Hippie III." This version gives you closure to the character that the world has come to know and love, who had so many issues in trying to adjust to modern day times. The "Old Hippie" is still flashing his peace sign, but is now playing with his grandkids. It adds great closure to this classic hit. The Bellamy Brothers also bring their sons, Jesse and Noah to sing on the song, "You're The World." Never fear, there is classic on the album. They have created a great version of the old classic "I'll Fly Away," and there is a new gospel mix to their classic hit "Let Your Love Flow." This whole album shines bright and there is no doubt it will prove why The Bellamy Brothers have stood tall against any test of time. If you like the Bellamy Brothers, and you like good country and gospel music, this is the album for you.

Track List:

  1. Drug Problems
  2. Wings Of The Wind
  3. Lord Help Me Be The Person (My Dog Thinks I Am)
  4. Grandma's God
  5. Faith Come Back To Me
  6. Spiritually Bankrupt
  7. I Ain't Goin' To Hell
  8. Old Hippie III (Saved)
  9. Beautiful Night
  10. You're The World (Duet With Jesse and Noah Bellamy)
  11. I'll Fly Away
  12. Jesus Is Coming
  13. Let Your Love Flow (Gospel Mix)
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