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Kenny Chesney - 'Greatest Hits 2'

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Kenny Chesney - 'Greatest Hits 2'

Kenny Chesney - 'Greatest Hits 2'

BNA Nashville

Greatest Hits 2 Bottom Line:

Most artists would kill to have just one Greatest Hits package and here comes Kenny Chesney releasing his second. To be able to have enough hit songs and material to back it up is a great accomplishment in an industry that doesn't always pay attention to a musician for much longer than a few years. After all, Kenny has been a name in country music since the early nineties. With most of the fifteen songs on the album having been number one on the Billboard charts - you get an idea why.

The Greatest, Part 2

Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits 2 release isn't just a cut and dry collection of the artist's most popular tracks from the past few years. Listening to it is an experience. You get the fast songs, slow ballads, and some of that famous Kenny Chesney island-feel to them. It would be easy to label Kenny as an artist who just wants to entertain a crowd - and that is true - but sitting back to listen to him sing slower ones like "There Goes My Life" or "Anything But Mine" makes you realize what a nice voice he has. It's smooth and very controlled, with rich undertones. Kenny has never been one to "over sing." Getting back to the entertainer personality - there are songs like "Living In Fast Forward," "Young" and "Beer In Mexico" which are studio tracks but definitely capture the live concert feel. The combinations of horns, guitar solos, and driving beats give off a feeling of excitement.
Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

Sony BMG

A Little Help From His Friends

Just because Kenny is a country music singer doesn't mean he limits himself to singing songs with only other country artists as he does with the stripped-down, semi-acoustic "Down The Road" (with Mac McAnally). Popular artist Dave Matthews surprisingly sounds right at home singing "I'm Alive" with Kenny. Kenny is more prominent but when Dave starts singing it's a flawless transition. Their voices are completely different than one another, but it works. The reflection and hope in the lyrics are only carried by the emotion in the two artist's voices. It's another story with "When The Sun Goes Down." Uncle Kracker joins in for this relaxed tune. There are steel drums which really set the tone and mood. The main thread between the two non-country artists is that they have very soulful voices.

You Know What You Get

The only thing lacking in a Greatest Hits album is the element of surprise. Artists try to combat this with one or two new tracks as a treat for the die-hard fans that already have most, if not all, of the previous albums. That's where "Out Last Night" comes into play. "Out Last Night" keeps with the above-mentioned "friend" theme; only instead of a guest vocalist you get lyrics about a guy who goes out with his buddies to have a good time. The beachy sound people expect from Chesney is not present in this song. It is downright country both in vocal and musical performance. There is nothing too fancy with the guitars - just enough to make you tap your toes and think about when it's your turn for some fun. Ultimately that's what you know you're going to get with Kenny - good music and a good time with his albums. That's never more evident than with this fifteen-track collection. The only thing I could say that is negative about the album is that it could use a few more new songs.

Release date: May 19, 2009 - BNA Records

Greatest Hits 2 Track List:

  1. "Out Last Night"
  2. "Living In Fast Forward"
  3. "Young"
  4. "Summertime"
  5. "Down The Road" (with Mac McAnally)
  6. "Beer In Mexico"
  7. "There Goes My Life"
  8. "When The Sun Goes Down" (duet with Uncle Kracker)
  9. "Anything But Mine"
  10. "Be As You Are"
  11. "I Go Back"
  12. "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems"
  13. "The Good Stuff"
  14. "Never Wanted Nothing More"
  15. "I'm Alive" (with Dave Matthews)
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