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Lee Greenwood - Inspirational Songs

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Lee Greenwood - Inspirational Songs

Lee Greenwood - Inspirational Songs

Curb Records
Bottom Line:

The music business has always been a rocky road for most performers. Even if a struggling artist scores a record deal there is no guarantee the project will ever be released. Although some have success and ride off into the night with their three or four hits, Lee Greenwood has continued his success for nearly three decades. His latest project of re-released material is called Inspirational Songs, and will move you from start to finish.

With his raspy voice and soulful sound, Lee Greenwood continues to make quality music like no other. Constantly on the road or in the studio seems to be what keeps him going all this time. With multiple gold and platinum awards under his belt, it was no surprise he would try something different. Although he may change his style a little to keep up with today's musical tastes, he still remains true to his original sound of the eighties.

It is great to see someone still so successful today, continuing to release new music without changing the sound that contributed to their success originally. Evolving into who you are as an artist is just as important to the fans as the music. Lee has covered such a wide range of country tunes it was no surprise to him him explore some gospel songs and typical inspirational tunes as well.

It is always great to see artists spread their wings in order to explore grounds unfamiliar to them. Not everyone can pull it off, yet Lee makes it look so natural. Every project he tackles seems to have that sound of ease. With eleven songs total on this album, there is almost forty minutes of uplifting songs that will help you get through the day or even the week. With mostly old standard hymns, and the grand finale being Lee's biggest hit of all time "God Bless The U.S.A." This is a project that clearly shows where his heart is at this point in his career.

One of the most well known gospel tunes of all times is "One Day At A Time." With a great message and southern gospel feel it takes you back to some of the best and worst time in your life. The point however is very simple. Take one day at a time to get through your problems, and they will not seem so overwhelming. Possibly the most well known tune throughout any Christian denomination is "Amazing Grace." This is a favorite to so many people and touches peoples hearts in so many different ways, plus it is always great to hear it a different way.

"Rock Of Ages" and "You Like Up My Life" are also add great contributions to this album. With all these great tunes it is hard to believe it can get better, but it does. Lee introduces the world to his version of "How Great Thou Art." This falls into a category like "Amazing Grace." Everyone knows it, yet it touches people in so many different ways.

Hearing "The Lord's Prayer" brings back a lot of memories and is always a pleasure to hear. The last tune on the album is "God Bless The U.S.A." This is one of the most well known patriotic songs in the country. On September 11th, this song stood out among any and gave people hope, strength and the courage to face what was ahead. Regardless if you were at home listening to the radio or seeing Lee Greenwood live in concert, cold chills and a standing ovation was a sure thing. If your a fan of Lee, this is a must have for you collection.

Track List:

  1. Totally Devoted To You
  2. One Day At A Time
  3. Amen
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Rock Of Ages
  6. You Light Up My Life
  7. How Great Thou Art
  8. Bound For The Promised Land
  9. The Lord's Prayer
  10. You'll Never Walk Alone
  11. God Bless The U.S.A.
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