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Alan Jackson - Like Red On A Rose

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Alan Jackson - Like Red on a Rose

Alan Jackson - Like Red on a Rose

Sony BMG / Arista
If you're looking for the traditional sounding Alan Jackson songs we've all come to love, you're not gonna find it with this release. The first single, "Like Red On A Rose" let us know Alan was doing something a little bit different this time. If you liked the single, you'll be excited to know that every song on this release has the same easy going, relaxing tempo of "Like Red On A Rose."

Something completely different

Fresh off the heels of his very successful gospel album, Precious Memories, Alan has gone on to yet another genre... easy listening. Produced by Alison Krauss, I had really expected a little bit of a bluegrass sound. This CD has everything but bluegrass or the traditional sound Alan has brought to us all these years. That's not a bad thing. When I heard the first release, "Like Red On A Rose," I knew this was going to be an exceptional CD from Alan. I had no idea how exceptional. "Like Red On A Rose" will undoubtably be a song played at weddings for many years to come. With sultry lyrics such as "you make my blood flow, like red on a rose," to the sugary sweet, "I love you, like all little children love pennies," the song is full of perfect words for those pledging a lifetime of love to each other. Musically this song has a slow, waltzy tempo, just perfect to snuggle up to the person you love and slow dance the night away. It's no wonder this song has flown up the charts. It really has all the makings of a legendary love song.

Feeling a little bluesy

"Good Imitation Of The Blues," a song about a man who has decided the threats of his love leaving him has happened one too many times, puts on his traveling shoes and moves on. Knowing it's the best thing for him, he also knows his imitation of happy is really not working. Filled with beautiful but haunting piano and guitar solo's the song is perfectly mixed with some equally impressive harmonies. This song to me most resembles Alan's past work.

This collection contains many songs that have the author professing a great love for someone. "Anywhere On Earth You Are," "Don't Change On Me," "Had It Not Been You," are all songs that speak of being in love and being so blessed as to know it. "A Woman's Love" the only song penned by Jackson himself, is my favorite of the love songs. With an easygoing, light tempo, you'll find yourself singing the words long after the song has ended.

With guitar work that actually reminds you of a firefly's backyard dance on a warm summer night, "The Firefly's Song" is yet another masterpiece on this collection. When a man realizes he isn't as young as he used to be, he sings about it with such a positive uplifting spirit, you can't help but to reflect on your own life. Even though the words are a little bittersweet, you can't help but to smile as you listen. One of my favorites.

This CD is definitely different from Alan's past work but one that is worth a good listen. It WILL grow on you!

Release date: July 18, 2006 - Sony BMG

Song List:

  1. Anywhere On Earth You Are
  2. Good Imitation Of The Blues
  3. Like Red On A Rose
  4. Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy
  5. Don't Change On Me
  6. The Firefly's Song
  7. Wait A Minute
  8. Had It Not Been You
  9. A Woman's Love
  10. Don't Ask Why
  11. As Lovely As You
  12. Where Do I Go From Here (A Trucker's Song)
  13. Bluebird
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