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Alabama - Mountain Music

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Alabama - Mountain Music

Alabama - Mountain Music

RCA Nashville

Mountain Music Bottom Line:

Back in 1982, those 4 guys from Fort Paine known as Alabama released one of their most popular albums in their recording career. It includes several of their biggest hit singles from the early 1980's.

About Alabama

"You see that mountain over there? Yeah, one of these days I'm gonna climb that mountain." And so are the opening words to the album Mountain Music by Alabama.

Throughout the 1980's, Randy Owen, Jeff Cook, Mark Herndon and Teddy Gentry dominated the country music scene with hit after hit. And while country music was predominantly solo vocalists, Alabama brought the music group back to the mainstream of country music. Their sound was a blend of traditional country, southern rock, gospel and pop. Their unique style and sound gave the band cross over appeal to top 40 radio in the early 1980's. The band has had over 30 number 1 singles and have sold over 73 million albums to date.

Believe it or not, this 80's country super group actually got it's start back in 1969 by cousins Randy, Teddy and Jeff. They called themselves Young Country. They got their start in a high school talent show contest where they won first prize which was a trip to the Grand Ole Opry.

After Randy and Jeff finished college, the band was reformed in 1972 under the new name Wildcountry. In 1973 they made the decision to quit their day jobs and focus on becoming professional musicians. They played and toured all over the southeast.

One of the places they played was The Bowery located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Over the next few years the band would go through 5 drummers. Then in 1977, they officially changed their name to Alabama.

After their drummer quit the band in 1979, they hired back Mark Herndon. So it was now Randy, Teddy, Jeff and Mark. This lineup would stay the same throughout their career. And what a career it was! They were signed by RCA Records in 1980, and the rest is country music history!

Mountain Music - The Songs:

One of the biggest albums they recorded was called Mountain Music. Released in 1982, it would go on to become one of their best selling albums. The first single from the album "Mountain Music" would hit number 1 on May 1st, 1982. It's a reflective song about the mountain music, places and events of his childhood.

The follow-up single "Take Me Down" would also reach number 1 on July 24 of that same year. It's one of many love songs that Alabama would record. It's about giving in and surrendering to the one you love.

The third and final single was another of their well crafted love songs called "Close Enough to Perfect." It would find Alabama at the top of the country charts yet again on October 30.

When you look back at the country music of the 1980's, Alabama was a mainstay on the radio and the charts throughout the decade. They opened the doors and paved the way for so many country groups to follow them. Their music is timeless and will live on down through the ages for many generations yet to come to enjoy.

Mountain Music is one of those classic country albums that has, and will stand the test of time.

Released in 1982 - RCA Records

Mountain Music Track List:

  1. Mountain Music
  2. Close Enough to Perfect
  3. Words at Twenty Paces
  4. Changes Comin' On
  5. Green River
  6. Take Me Down
  7. You Turn Me On
  8. Never Be One
  9. Lovin' You Is Killin' Me
  10. Gonna Have a Party
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