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Jeff Hobbs & The Jacks - Road To Nowhere

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Jeff Hobbs & The Jacks - Road To Nowhere

Jeff Hobbs & The Jacks - Road To Nowhere

Juell Records
Bottom Line:If you like your country music with a little bit of other genre's influences thrown in, then be sure to give The Road To Nowhere a shot. If you're also a fan of Texas Country / Red Dirt Music you'll be pleased with this release.
Jeff Hobbs & The Jacks have a unique sound that blends together Country, Rock, and whatever else they feel like putting into the mix. Because of that fact, you never know what type of sound you'll get when a new song starts playing. That's my favorite part about the album because it sounds like a few guys got together to jam and ended up having a good time with the music they created instead of being shoved into a small room and forced to write songs.

The title track, the rolling "Road To Nowhere," finds a man wondering if he's heading down the right track because "it's the only one" he sees. Since conforming to rules isn't his style, maybe the twists and turns that lie ahead will make for an interesting way of getting rid of some doubts.

A lonely man is left alone with nothing but a fading photograph and he wishes he could throw a "Dollar In The Well" just to see if things could go back to the way they were. He knows there's almost no chance, but he would like to at least try. He feels his life is out of control and he wonders if it's too late for him or is he too far gone.

When a "Song For The Restless" opens with "Well I'm lying here on the floor again for no reason at all" you just know there will be more to the story. It's part of what catches your interest. The man's mind keeps racing because it is full of old memories that can't be ignored and he's left thinking "If only everything would be alright."

Back to a song that's much more upbeat, "Red River Anthem" pays a little bit of a tribute to Oklahoma with mentions of Red Dirt music and Sunday morning church. Even though he says "I never could stay at home, yeah I always had to roam. Searching for what I have to find," he knows exactly where he wants to hang his hat. There's even a quick vocal "appearance" by the group Alabama taken from their song "Mountain Music."

"Denim Eyes" is my favorite song from a lyrical standpoint. It shows how hard a divorce can hit a person. "I never thought it would be me - mediation, visitation on every other week" is one of the thought-provoking lines. Divorce is something you hear about, but you never imagine it would be you who has to go through that horrible circumstance.

A bonus track ("Old Mexico") is the album's closer. After a day's worth of pain, sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make yourself feel a little better. Whether that means meeting your friends at the bar for a few drinks, or going a completely different route. Even then you don't realize when you're alone again the feelings will all come flooding back because you're "All out of reason, all out of fight." Despite the depressing lyrics, the music itself is surprisingly upbeat. It's a great ending to the album.

Track List:

  1. Road To Nowhere
  2. American Angel
  3. Dollar In The Well
  4. Twins
  5. Song For The Restless
  6. Red River Anthem
  7. Bootlegger's Daughter
  8. Finish Me
  9. Carry Me Home
  10. One More Round
  11. Denim Eyes
  12. Old Mexico (Bonus Track)
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