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Sara Evans - Greatest Hits

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Sara Evans - Greatest Hits

Sara Evans - Greatest Hits

Sony BMG
Bottom Line:

This Greatest Hits album packs a punch with four new tracks included. It is a great deal for everyone. For those who may already own previous albums, this will have the favorites in one place with bonus new material. For those who are just getting into the music of Sara Evans, it is the perfect start to their collection.

Sara Evans has been a shining star in the country music field for about 10 years now. After five highly successful studio albums, several Number One hits and numerous industry awards it is time for a Greatest Hits collection. Evans' distinctive voice mixes up a little smoke and a lot of sultry into a formula that is one of the most successful in the industry today.

Along with an incredible set of vocal chords, Evans also has a talent with pen and paper. She has co-written some of her biggest hits including "Born to Fly" and "Perfect." On Greatest Hits, the four new songs are all co-written by Evans. With "As If" flying up the charts, it appears she is still on top of her game both as an artist and as a songwriter. This is a Greatest Hits project I really like.

Sara Evans

Sara Evans

Sony BMG - Photo credit: Robert Ashcroft
Greatest Hits albums are interesting in seeing what songs are picked to be included, whether they will release new material along with the favorites and are the songs going to be re-recorded for the project or will they use the original recordings. Out of the fourteen tracks, four are new. This means that fans can have a treat while they wait for her next new studio album. They used original recordings, which is also something I prefer for old favorites. I find that when they re-record a song they often rearrange it a little as well, and it becomes hard to sing along like you may be used to doing. It loses the 'comfort' factor for me.

I've been a fan of Evans since "No Place That Far" hit the airwaves. She has a terrific voice that you can pick out in a crowd and she is an entertainer when onstage, sounding just like she does on her CD's. Along with favorites like "Born to Fly," "I Keep Looking," "Perfect" and "Suds in the Bucket," you will also quickly warm up to "Love You With All My Heart," "Pray For You" and "Some Things Never Change." Of course current single "As If" is already up there in the favorites department.

"Love You With All My Heart" is poignant ballad about the joys and feelings of being in a brand new relationship with someone special. "Pray For You" is all about the love and comfort of a family and knowing there is always a place to come home to. "Some Things Never Change" is an upbeat tune and talks about no matter how much things may change in the world around you, the basics of family and their love for you will never change.

Track List:

  1. As If *
  2. Born to Fly
  3. I Could Not Ask For More
  4. Perfect
  5. Cheatin'
  6. Suds in the Bucket
  7. Saints & Angels
  8. You'll Always Be My Baby
  9. I Keep Looking
  10. No Place That Far
  11. A Real Fine Place to Start
  12. Love You With All My Heart *
  13. Pray For You *
  14. Some Things Never Change *

* New Tracks

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