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Zac Brown Band - 'The Foundation'

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Zac Brown Band - 'The Foundation'

Zac Brown Band - 'The Foundation'


The Foundation Bottom Line:

Country music is about to be introduced to a whole new sound by The Zac Brown Band. With the release of their debut album The Foundation, they are showing off their unique sound that consists of country, reggae, and even some bluegrass that will have you jamming within the first song. This record breaks every rule in the country music "rule book," but proves that change is always good if the outcome is full of quality music that everyone can relate to. Zac Brown and his gang are original, unique, and offer a refreshing take on the modern sounds of country music.

About the Zac Brown Band

No one in the country music industry can brag about their accomplishments like The Zac Brown Band. Long before signing a contract with Atlantic Records, Zac and his group had been touring all over the country, performing nearly two hundred dates a year and sold more than thirty thousand records on an independent level.

Touring this much is never easy, but it set up a fan base that has helped sell out countless bars and venues. The band plays a unique style of country music that leans more towards the "grassroots" brand than anything. Nothing is off limits though. Their music contains bluegrass, country, reggae, and just about anything else you can think of. To add to their accomplishments, The Zac Brown Band has opened up shows for some of the biggest names in the music industry. They have opened for Willie Nelson, The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Travis Tritt, and even Etta James. This clearly proves that their music touches folks from across the board.

Zac Brown is the founder of this amazing group, but the ones that back him are just as crucial to his sound as he is. The group consists of John Hopkins (Bass), Jimmy DeMartini (Fiddle), Coy Bowles (Organ and Guitar), and Chris Fryar (Drums). Although music has always been in Zac's blood, he is also a chef that has owned his own restaurant.

One of his latest projects outside of music is a children's camp that he is trying to create. It seems that there is nothing that can get in the way of this fantastic band. It doesn't matter how many walls they come to, these guys make sure to plow them down and leave nothing but dust in their tracks.

The Foundation - The Songs:

Right from the start, it is clear that this album is different. The first song is titled "Toes," which is what will be tapping before the first verse is over. It is a shame that this song was not released back in the summer time. It is about someone who is sitting by the water and dreaming of something better. The character heads to a tropical paradise and gets the heck out of Georgia. He describes everything from the drink in his hand to the bartender making it. This song has a great feel to it and will help every listener forget their problems.

"Chicken Fried" is the first tune to be released off this record and it has made The Zac Brown a name everyone is talking about. Sometimes people take advantage of the small stuff, but hearing this song will put everything in a better perspective. This track is great, but the patriotic tribute at the end will give you chills.

If bluegrass is something you like to listen to, perhaps you should check out "Mary." It is about a man who is chasing after a women, but she is not letting her guard down very easily. The beat is great and will be a favorite for anyone who will give it a chance. There is a tune on this record called "Jolene," but don't mistake it for Dolly Parton's song. This is completely original and really shows off this group's ability to sing a song straight from the heart. The fiddle throughout this track is fabulous and fits the vocals perfectly. Sometimes people have a hard time committing to a relationship, and this song is proof.

The Foundation breaks every stereotype that country music has been branded with. The Zac Brown Band should be very proud of this project, simply because there is nothing out there like it.

Release Date: November 18th, 2008 - Atlantic Records

The Foundation Track List:

  1. Toes
  2. Whatever It Is
  3. Where The Boat Leaves From
  4. Violin Into To Free
  5. Free
  6. Chicken Fried
  7. Mary
  8. Different Kind Of Fine
  9. Highway 20 Ride
  10. It's Not OK
  11. Jolene
  12. Sic 'Em On A Chicken
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