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Alabama - The Last Stand

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Alabama - The Last Stand

Alabama - The Last Stand

Cracker Barrel
Bottom Line:

This is a nice collection of Alabama songs. They were recorded live at various concerts and give you a little of the excitement you would find at a live show. My only real complaint is that with such an incredible career behind them, twelve songs seem like more of an appetizer than a meal.

Cracker Barrel Restaurants have cultivated some very strong ties with country music. So much of country music is forged on values and traditions and those same values are the cornerstone of the Cracker Barrel philosophy. They have teamed up with a variety of artists to offer the fans some very special music that they can pick up in the General Store after enjoying a great meal. One of the latest treasures being offered to the fans is The Last Stand by legendary Alabama.

Shortly after signing their first record deal, Alabama charted with their first number one single. That began what would be a total of 21 consecutive number one hits. With that sort of a track record, it was no surprise that they won an unprecedented five consecutive Entertainer of the Year Awards from the Academy of Country Music, with a total of eight in their career. They were named Group of the Decade in 1989 as well as receiving the honor of being Country Group of the Century in 1999. And through all the major awards and honors that they received, Alabama remained down to earth and appreciative of their many fans. Although they are now retired from touring, they continue to offer special fan appreciation days and do a few musical projects here and there.

After more than two decades as one of the most successful, popular and biggest selling bands in popular music history, Alabama announced their 2003-2004 American Farewell Tour. The Last Stand is a Cracker Barrel exclusive that contains 12 tracks that were recorded live during the American Farewell Tour.

A whole generation of fans came to the shows around the country in droves, packing the venues as tight as they could go. The songs will give you an insight into the energy of the crowds that attended the Farewell shows. You can hear some of Alabama's biggest hits performed live with an often unique delivery that won't be found on other albums.

During their songs, they'll often shout out the name of the city they are playing in to personalize it. Some of the favorites include "High Cotton," "Forty Hour Week" and "Old Flame." They close the album with "The Fans." This is a tribute to the many fans that have supported the band through the years and was penned by Teddy Gentry, Randy Owen and Greg Fowler. This is definitely a great album to add to your collection.

Track List:

  1. Here We Are
  2. Old Flame
  3. High Cotton
  4. If You're Gonna Play in Texas
  5. The Cheap Seats
  6. Pass It On Down
  7. The Closer You Get
  8. Give Me One More Shot
  9. Feels So Right
  10. Jukebox in My Mind
  11. Forty Hour Week
  12. The Fans
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