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Vince Gill - These Days

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Vince Gill - These Days

Vince Gill - These Days

MCA Nashville
Bottom Line:

In September of 05' Vince Gill went to work on what was to be his next album. His song writing had given him a collection of forty some songs to choose from but the task of trying to pick only a few of those to record proved to be too difficult. Making a long story short, the result is a collection of those forty some songs all neatly wrapped up in a 4 disc set. Heavily laden with guest vocalists (some of the best in Nashville and beyond) Gill's ability to infect us with his passion for music continues on in a huge way.

Disc One: Workin' On A Big Chill - The Rockin' Record

There's really no chill on this disc other than the title. It's one hot, country rockin' record. Vince at his best with some of the best. Co-vocalists include, Michael McDonald - "Smilin' Song," Bekka Bramlett - "The Rhythm Of The Pourin' Rain," Del McCoury - "Son Of A Ramblin' Man," and one red hot number with Rodney Crowell. "Nothin' For A Broken Heart" was the perfect song for Rodney's voice. This fast paced, toe tappin' song has the guys walking us through all the tried cures that never work when your heart is broken. Gretchen Wilson also makes an appearance on this disc with a slow grinding, sexy song called, "Cowboy Up." When a Stetson wearing cowgirl named Levitra meets up with a bareback rider named Okie, more than just the dance floor heats up.

Disc Two: The Reason Why - The Groovy Record

Vince Gill

Vince Gill

MCA Nashville
I'm not sure I can tell you why this disc was called the groovy record. Maybe Vince felt he was groovin' away with all the beautiful and legendary co-vocalists. It's actually the love song disc. Packed full of heartbreak, new love, old love and the love of Jesus. Co-vocalists include, LeAnn Rimes on "What You Don't Say," Alison Krauss on "The Reason Why," Bonnie Raitt on "The Rock Of Your Love," Sheryl Crow on "What You Give Away," Diana Krall on "Faint Of Heart," Jenny Gill on "Time To Carry On," and Katrina Elam on "Everything And Nothing." The legendary Trisha Yearwood adds her beautiful harmonies to the very touching, "This Memory Of You." Vince's wife, Amy Grant makes an appearance on "Tell Me One More Time About Jesus." Not only did she her incredible voice but she also co-wrote the song.

Disc Three: Some Things Never Get Old - The Country & Western Record

This very traditional sounding disc will never get old. It embodies the legendary sound of Gill and probably my favorite of the set. Helping out on this disc, Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski on "I Can't Let Go," Emmylou Harris on "Some Things Never Get Old," Lee Ann Womack on "If I Can Make Mississippi," and John Anderson on "Take This Country Back." When I came across track eight, I was thinking how much the song sounded like the old time favorite, "Wake Up Little Susie." Checking the credits it came as no surprise, "Sweet Little Corrina" has Phil Everly of the legendary Everly Brothers lending his timeless harmonies on the song. My other favorite from this disc was "Out Of My Mind." When Vince broke our country hearts back in 1989 with his legendary song, "When I Call Your Name," Patty Loveless's bone chilling harmonies made the song more haunting than ever. This song brings the two back together for yet another pairing of those incredible harmonies.

Disc Four: Little Brother - The Acoustic Record

If you like your country mixed with a lot of Bluegrass, this is the disc for you. Although not all bluegrass, over half makes it enough so that you'll really appreciate Gill in his Bluegrass state of mind. Featuring The Del McCoury Band on "Cold Grey Light Of Gone," and "Give Me The Highway," other guest vocalists include, Jenny Gill on "A River Like You," Rebecca Lynn Howard on "Girl," and Guy Clark on "Almost Home." I can't stop playing The Del McCoury Band selections but my absolute favorites were Vince all alone on "All Prayed Up," and again on the forbidden love song, "Molly Brown."

This whole collection of songs just proves why Vince Gill is still so popular today. His passion for music bleeds into every song on this set. As if the four CD's weren't enough for us, also included is a 64 page book packed full of lyrics and the story of how the set came to be. This one is a must have.

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