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Tammy Cochran - Where I Am

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Tammy Cochran - Where I Am

Tammy Cochran - Where I Am

Straybranch Records
Bottom Line:

Tammy Cochran is back with her third album and she has evolved from a really good singer into a great singer. In her time away from the studio, she took creative control of her music and it gave her the push from a really good singer to great singer. With a new label, Straybranch Records, Cochran has some powerful new music she is presenting to her fans. There is something for everyone on the album and is well worth checking out.

Tammy Cochran is back! Not that she went anywhere really, but it has been a couple of years since she released new material. She spent the time between albums continuing to tour around the country. She also remains incredibly active for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, working tirelessly to raise much needed funds for research. She also has been nurturing another passion of hers which is writing. With Where I Am she took the opportunity to showcase her writing skills as well as her amazing voice. When she recorded her first two albums, she had a small amount of creative input with the chosen material. With this album, Cochran uses it as a medium to share with fans the part of herself that they don't see while she is onstage. She wrote or co-wrote all of the material and the project was produced by Anita Cochran and Mark Thompson. There is a part of her and her life experiences in each song and that only adds to the emotional appeal of the album.
There are twelve tracks on the album. The title track, "Where I Am," is used to let everyone know she really hadn't gone anywhere. She may not have been front and center, but she never left and used the time to become an even better performer. It has incredibly powerful lyrics and a very positive message about the impact you have on others whether you realize it or not. "Nobody's Home" is one of my favorite songs. It is something so many people seem to do anymore. They become so involved in the mechanics of life that they really don't stop to appreciate the smaller things in life and miss more than they ever realize in the process. Another favorite also happens to be the current single, "Ride of My Life." It is an upbeat tune that simply celebrates life. There really is something for everyone on this album. It is a varied collection of ballads to up-tempo and through it all Cochran shines with her beautiful voice.

Track List

  1. So Long
  2. And More
  3. Nobody's Home
  4. Gone
  5. The Ride of Your Life
  6. Where I Am
  7. On My Side of the World
  8. As Soon As I'm Over You
  9. In Our House
  10. High Wire
  11. Long Way Down
  12. Chemistry

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