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Wynonna - 'Wynonna'

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Wynonna - 'Wynonna'

Wynonna - 'Wynonna'

Curb Records

Wynonna Bottom Line:

Wynonna strikes out on her own with her first self titled solo album. With it's up tempo country pop songs and soulful ballads, Wynonna proves that she can stand alone and still get the job done.

About Wynonna:

The road to success for Wynonna started back in a church in the early 80's when she and her mother Naomi were singing in the choir. She was born Christina Claire Ciminella on May 30, 1964. When Wynonna was 15, she expressed an interest in moving to Nashville in the hopes of pursuing a singing career. So in 1979, Naomi, Wynonna and sister Ashley packed up and moved to Nashville.

It wasn't long before mom and daughter were making appearances on Ralph Emery's morning television show. And as luck would have it, Naomi was able to secure an audition with RCA Records while tending to a hospitalized Brent Maher who was a label producer. And in 1984 The Judds scored their first #1 country hit "Mama He's Crazy." They would go on to record several hits, 13 of which would become #1 singles. Other hits to follow would be "Why Not Me," "Girls Night Out," "Turn It Loose" and "Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain."

In 1989, The Judds had a hit with the self penned composition "Change of Heart." It would be dedicated to Naomi's future second husband Larry Strickland. But in 1990, things would take a drastic change as Naomi found out that she had a chronic hepatitis infection.

Through 1990 and 1991, The Judds toured America with several farewell concerts as Naomi would be retiring from the music business due to her health. This would open the door for Wynonna to pursue a solo career. And what a career it turned out to be!

Her self titled album Wynonna was released to critical acclaimed in 1992. The pressure was on to see if Wynonna could still deliver the goods as a solo performer. Her debut release was a blend of gospel, soul and R&B. The album would go on to sell more than 5 million copies and would establish her as one of her generations most powerful female vocalists.

Chart success

The album would produce 4 singles, three of which would become number 1 hits. The first single "She Is His Only Need" also became her first number 1 hit as a solo performer on April 11, 1992. July 4th of that same year would see Wynonna reaching the number 1 spot again with her second single, the uptempo hit "I Saw The Light." October 24 would find Wynonna at the top of the country charts once again with her third number 1 single "No One Else On Earth." The 4th and final single from the album was "My Strongest Weakness" and would reach number 4 on February 13 of 1993.

By the late 1990's, her popularity and CD sales had started to slip. But as a solo artist and as a member of the duo The Judds, she has had a phenomenal recording career and still continues to perform today.

Few artists are able to break away from a successful duo and continue with the level of success that Wynonna has had. She is a true, genuine talent.

Released on Mar 31, 1992 - Curb Records

Wynonna Track List:

  1. What It Takes
  2. She Is His Only Need
  3. I Saw The Light
  4. My Strongest Weakness
  5. When I Reach The Place I'm Going
  6. No One Else On Earth
  7. It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye
  8. Little Bit Of Love (Goes A Long, Long Way)
  9. All Of That Love From Here
  10. Live With Jesus
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